embOS/IP missing in the trial BSP of Keil MCB2300

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  • embOS/IP missing in the trial BSP of Keil MCB2300


    embOS/IP is missing in the trial BSP given. Is there any other way to get the trial embOS/IP and also example application of emUSB?

    Best Regards
    Harshith Ramesh
  • Hello Harshith,

    For the mentioned eval board we actually have the embOS trial package only.

    I have added it to our ToDo list but can not give you an estimate of when it will be done.

    If this is not acceptable for your time schedule you can do the following:
    • In general you could take another eval package for a ARM7 CPU from our website featuring embOS/IP as the
      embOS/IP library fits for all compatible architectures and all drivers are included in the trial library.
      The same applies to emUSB. The only parts that need to be changed are the hardware layers that are shipped
      in source code even for the trials.

    • If you already know that you want to buy embOS/IP and/or emUSB at least for a developer license please get in
      touch with info@segger.com and we might be able to provide you with an eval package featuring the requested
      middleware within short time.

    Best regards,
    Oliver Olligs