Buttons double hits

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  • Buttons double hits

    I have a main screen that displays several paramters. If I press on a paramter a new screen is shown displaying the paramters current setting and alarm high and low. I can then select one of these parameters which then opens up a keypad. Once I enter a new value for the parameter I press an OK button on the keypad. That closes the keypad and is suppose to return to the screen which displays the parameter setting with the alarms. Once all values are set I then press the OK button on that screen to return to the main screen. There are many cases that when I press the OK button on the keypad I get the parameter settings screen then it jumps back to the main screen even though I did not press any button. I have already enabled the Button set react on level to "1" and this did help a bit but not completely gone. I also see the same when I run my program thru the simulator. Is there some other thing that I can try to prevent this "double hits"?
  • Buttons double hits

    Hello Adrian,

    Thanks for looking into this. At this time the only thing I have that I can make avaliable to you is the actual simulator which includes the entire application I am working on. If that would be acceptable I can proved you with a list of screen moduels being used.