OS_ERR_INV_TASK and Task 'Id' member initialization

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  • OS_ERR_INV_TASK and Task 'Id' member initialization

    I am having some problems getting EmbOS to run on an AT91SAM9x25 evaluation board.
    When using the debug version of the OS I keep getting OS error "OS_ERR_INV_TASK" straight away. I can tell that the 'id' field in the task structure is set to 0 which I believe is the direct cause of the error. The value 0 is written to the id field by the CreateTask function. If I initialize the task struct with a different value it will be overwritten by CreateTask. My question is: what might cause this and what is the expected value of the id field?
    In another test project of mine (based on the example provided with EmbOS) this works fine: the 'Id' field is initialized to the value "100" and no errors occur. What is the in