Emwin 5.12 + GUIDrv_Template+ SSD1289

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  • Emwin 5.12 + GUIDrv_Template+ SSD1289


    i m new to emwin and i m trying to drive my lcd with emwin but have a problem

    im using keil mdk 4.53+emwin5.12 and my lcd controller is SSD1289 .

    I did this works according to instructions of manual:

    1 - I made "LCDConf_CompactColor16.h" file in my project directory

    2 - added configurations to "LCDConf_CompactColor16.h" :

    3 - added "#define LCD_USE_COMPACT_COLOR_16" to LCDConf.h

    4 - and wrote " GUI_DEVICE_CreateAndLink(GUIDRV_COMPACT_COLOR_16, // Display driver

    GUICC_M565, // Color conversion

    0, 0);"

    in LCD_X_Config Function ;

    when i compile the error "LCDConf.c(234): error: #20: identifier "GUIDRV_COMPACT_COLOR_16" is undefined" appears;

    please help me to solove problem :?:


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  • Hi Adrian

    The header file "GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.h" dosnt exict in my "Emwin\Include\" folder
    Of course I found that My Keil Emwin folder , just consist of Runtime Configurable Drivers and there is no Compile time configurable driver header file ,
    I searched the word "GUIDRV_COMPACT_COLOR_16" in all of files in "Emwin\Include\" folder and nothing founded !!!
    Is it possible that keil just support new Runtime Configurable Drivers ???????

    Thanks for your help
  • Hello Pixel,

    Please understand, that we have to ask you to direct your support question directly to KEIL support <support.intl@keil.com>.
    We have an agreement with KEIL, that includes their right to provide our emWin software as library and their obligation to support their customers. They have not paid us to support their customers.
    However we can offer a support contract or the sources of our software which entitles you to receive direct support from SEGGER. Is this of interest for you?

    Best regards,
  • GUIDrv_Template


    Im trying to drive my ssd1289 with GUIDrv_template, I did this works :

    1 - Copy GUIDRV_Template.c from Sample Folder to my project root and add this file to my project
    2 - Add #include <GUIDRV_Template.h> to LCDConf.h file
    3 - Edit LCD_X_Config() functions in this way:
    GUI_DEVICE_CreateAndLink(GUIDRV_TEMPLATE, GUICC_M565, 0, 0);
    4 - Add some code in LCD_Template.c :
    in _SetPixelIndex() , After // Write into hardware ... Adapt to your system , I added lcd write pixel commands
    5 - add codes of lcd initializing to LCD_X_Init()

    Now my lcd become init but no gui function(eg Gui_Clear or GuiFillRect work) ,
    Please tell me how to solve the problem

    Thank you
  • Hello Pixel,

    Sorry for the delay. I talked to my colleague and learned that it is possible to use the GUIDRV_CompactColor_16 with the emWin library provided by KEIL. If you are willing to purchase GUIDRV_CompactColor_16, please send an e-mail to sales@segger.com.

    If you prefer writing a custom driver for the Solomon SSD1289, please follow the steps described in the emWin documentation (29.7.20 "GUIDRV_Template").

    If you have any further questions, please let me know.

    Best regards,