Bitmap file from SD card

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  • Bitmap file from SD card


    As you know that it is possible to draw bitmap pictures to LDC via using BitmapConvertor which is a windows application. Is it possible to draw any bitmap file withing SD card to the LCD screen ? If it is possible, how ?


  • Hello Engin,

    You will find detailed information on how to display images of different formats in the emWin documentation. Please have a look at the following sections:

    - Chapter 7.8 "2-D Graphic Library" -> "Drawing streamed bitmaps" (refers to chapter 8.5 "Getting data with the ...Ex() functions")
    - Chapter 8 "Displaying bitmap files"

    Could you please let me know if you were able to find the information you are looking for?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
  • Hello Adrian

    First of all thank you for the information you provide.

    I am a little bit confused by the GUI user manuel by reading the related part which you pointed out.

    Will I pass just pass the file name with the function "GUI_BMP_DrawEx(...)" or is it required to read the file with "FS_FRead(...)"

    Could you be more spesific and tell me what steps I need to follow because there is no clear information on the user manuel. Since there is no clear information the user manuel, I can not proceed for drawing bitmap file from an SD or any other storage media.


  • Hello Engin,

    The function GUI_BMP_DrawEx() takes a function pointer as 1st parameter which is used by emWin to retrieve data from external memory. Since emWin can be used with any file system, this function needs to be implemented by the customer.

    For detailed information on how to implement a GetData() function, please refer to the chapter 8.5 "Displaying bitmap files" -> "Getting data with the ...Ex() functions".

    Best regards,