Using J-Link with STM8

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  • Using J-Link with STM8


    I have a J-Link and STM8 MCU based evaluation board. My question is, can I use J-Link with STM8 core to connect/load and debug the code? STM8 has a built in support for SWD and J-Link also supports SWD thats why I am interested to use the J-Link instead of buying another probe.

  • Dear Zaheer,

    Serial Wire Debugging (SWD) for STM8 devices uses a different interface than SWD for Cortex-M devices.
    Unfortunately both are simply named by what they are.

    At the moment only our Flasher STM8 is supporting the interface of STM8 devices. A J-Link for STM8 is not planned at the moment.

    Best regards,
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