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  • Hi!

    I am currently evaluating your software for our product. We are currently using a NEC V850 microcontroller, Epson S1D13A05 graphics controller and a lcd display from the company URT. I have already checked the software with another (the original) lcd display and it works great. Now I would like adapt emWin to work with the URT display.

    I modified the LCDConf.h according to the source code samples and the documentation. As far as I understand I only have to modify the LCDCondf.h and recompile my projekt. When I upload my project and check the pixel clock i notice that nothing has changed. Do you have any idea what the problem could be? Do i have to recompile somehow the emWin library? Do i have to do any other additional things? Perhaps I made errors defining the LCDConf.h?

    Thanks in advance and best regards!
  • Hi!

    Further Infos: If I call LCD_INIT_CONTROLLER() all register variables (like pixel clock) relating to the new lcd display are set correctly. Afterwards I call GUI_Init() and all variables are set to different values. It seems like they relate to the old display.

    Any ideas?

  • Hi,

    Each emWin library is compiled for one specific LCD controller or at least a group of LCD controllers like mentioned in the emWin User's Manual.
    GUI_Init() will overwrite your settings with settings that are believed to be best for the controller it was compiled for.

  • Hello,

    with other words you have to recompile the library, because the driver is part of it and the LCDConf.h normally contains an initialization macro for the display controller initialization which is executed within the driver. To avoid recompiling of the library you can also use a function call to an application defined routine in the initialization macro:

    void APP_InitDisplayController(void);

    #define LCD_INIT_CONTROLLER APP_InitDisplayController()

    So you can play with the registers without recompiling the library.