Hardware Config For Parallel interfacing LCD

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  • Hardware Config For Parallel interfacing LCD


    I want to use and LCD containing KS0108B controller. This controller has parallel intarface. I took a look at the demo examples and emWin userguide. However; there is some information which are not understandable.

    In the userguide, on page 818, a line refering to a file "LCD_X_6800.c".But I could not find such a file. There are functions for SPI or SSPI however there is no for parallel interfaced LCDs.

    I'm tryin to write the low-level hardware driver which is required for communicating with LCD containing KS0108B IC. To write such a driver, I'm refering your userguide.However it is not explicit.

    Could you help about How I can write such a driver ?

    Yours Truly

  • Hello Engin,

    the file LCD_X_6800.c should be placed in the folder
    "Sample\LCD_X\" of your emWin shipment. If it is not, please contact
    SEGGER support. You should also be able to find the emWin display driver
    GUIDRV_Template in the folder "Start\GUI\DisplayDriver\", which may be
    used as starting point to write a custom driver. For further information, please refer to the
    section "Display driver" -> "GUIDRV_Template - Template for a new
    driver" in the emWin documentation.

    Please note that the KS0108B controller is already supported by GUIDRV_Page1bpp.

    Best regards,