LPC3250 J-Link Error

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  • LPC3250 J-Link Error

    I am getting a J-Link error when I try to view the FPU registers in the IAR Workbench when using an LPC3250. I have the latest version of IAR ARM 6.3 and the J-Link info is below:

    Wed Nov 23, 2011 17:14:09: DLL version: V4.36e, compiled Oct 20 2011 21:20:51
    Wed Nov 23, 2011 17:14:09: Firmware: J-Link ARM V6 compiled Feb 1 2011 14:28:14

    If I try to view the FPU registers I get the following error box and I have to close the debugger to recover:

    Could not access FPU registers, no RAM area configured!

    Abort debug Session?

    Any suggestions on how to "configure the RAM area"?
  • Hi,

    IAR creates a settings file ($DebugConfigName$.jlink) in the settings directory of your project.
    This settings file is used by the J-LInk DLL in order to save some settings (for the DLL and for the control panel).

    You need to modify the following sections in the settings file:
    WorkRAMSize = 0x00
    WorkRAMAddr = 0x00

    You can choose any address area where RAM is available.
    Your application can use this area too, since J-Link restores the original contents of this area after it has finished working with it.
    The only restriction is that this area should not be used by the application for any DMA transfers.

    Best regards
  • I have tried several different settings for the WorkRAMSize and WorkRAMArea which point to internal ram of the LPC3250. It changes the error message I get but doesn't fix the problem. Viewing the FPU registers used to work with previous versions of IAR and J-Link driver.

    After changing the WorkRAMSize and WorkRAMArea to non zero values, I always get the following error:

    PC of target system has unexpected value of 0x00000004 after execution in RAM.

    Abort debug session?

    After that I can't recover. I have to cycle the power on the target board to start another debug session. THe error still occurs each time I try to start debugging.

    If I select to not abort, I can change the register view to select CPU registers (or anything but FPU) and things will work ok after the next power cycle.

    Any other ideas?


    Greg Dunn
  • Hi Greg,

    can you provide a sample project that can be used to reproduce the problem on an eval board?
    (Should not be that hard to create a more generic project which shows the problem but runs somewhat hardware independent)

    Best regards
  • Alex,

    I was finally able to create a simple project which repeats the issue. It seems to have something to do with the following two settings:
    1) Reset selection under Debugger - J-Link/J-Trace in the project options: If you select "Hardware, halt using Breakpoint".
    2) Under the Debugger Options, turn off the checkbox for "Run to main".

    If the two options above are selected then the problem occurs as soon as you try to view the FPU registers. If you change either one then the problem seems to go away.

    Also, after the original error occurs, you also get the following error when you close the workspace:
    "IarIdePm.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

    I have included the example project in the LPC3250_FPU.zip file.

    Thanks for your help.
    Greg Dunn
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