erase error

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  • erase error

    I use J-flash arm with LPC2210 and SST39VF1601.I can connect targe right .

    when I erase the chip,pop up error dialog,such as failed to erase sector 1.if I run the chip erase again,the error will be failed to erase sector 2. The sector number increment.

    if i only erase one secotor,no problem.someone could give me a answer,thanks! :?:
  • thank you!when I used 3.80a,found this problem.Now,I use 3.80c,the problem is still exist.
    I think the LPC2210.jflash is not suitable ,when I use the project ,I can't connect the flash.
    I modify the CPU init sequence

    0 reset 1 0ms
    1 write 32bit 0xe01fc040 0x00000003


    0 reset 1 0ms
    1 write 32bit 0xe002c014 0x0f814914
    1 write 32bit 0xffe00000 0x1000ffef
    1 write 32bit 0xffe00004 0x1000ffef

    and I select manually flash device (SST16VF1601),then I could connect SST16VF1601.but found the erase chip problem .

    I use LPC2210+SSTVF160,with the same project config,NO problem,just the CFI information can't be readed. :)