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  • We are using emWin 5.32 on device but emWin 5.44 on our Windows simulation/testbed. Just wondering if there may be know issues with older version?

  • Thank you for the reply Florian Yes. GUI_UC_SetEncodeUTF8() was called once at start of application after GUI_Init(). I call enable GUI_UC_EnableBIDI(1) when Arabic or Hebrew languages are selected and GUI_UC_EnableBIDI(0) for all other languages selected We create XBF font files using FontCvt with extended, antialiased,4bpp and store fonts in device storage and load as languages are selected. The Noto Arabic font has characters in 0600 to 06FF, 750 to 77F and also Arabic Presentation Forms in F…

  • I have application that needs to display Arabic and Hebrew content so we added Noto Sans Arabic and Noto Sans Hebrew Fonts to our application. When I call GUI_UC_EnableBIDI(1) the Hebrew text reverses but the Arabic font stops displaying the Arabic characters. Is there something I am missing? Thanks in advance Michael