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  • Quote from SEGGER - Fabian: “Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. Each core is supposed to be added as a separate device. For example: Device_M4, Device_M0 Does this answer your question? Best regards, Fabian ” Like this? <Device> <ChipInfo Vendor="XXX" Name="XXXXCPU0" Core="JLINK_CORE_CORTEX_R5" JLinkScriptFile="Devices/XXX/XXXCPU0.JLinkScript" /> </Device> <Device> <ChipInfo Vendor="XXX" Name="XXXXCPu1" Core="JLINK_CORE_CORTEX_R5" JLinkScriptFile="Devices/XXX/XXXCPU1.JLinkScript" /> </Device>

  • Hello, I add a customer device(the device has 2 cpus) in JLinkDevices.xml. Like that: <Device> <ChipInfo Vendor="XXX" Name="XXXX" Core="JLINK_CORE_CORTEX_R5" JLinkScriptFile="Devices/XXX/XXXCPU0.JLinkScript" /> </Device> But I don't know how to add another core in one device. Could you help me please? Another core use Devices/XXX/XXXCPU1.JLinkScript.