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  • Bus Fault

    ehaluska - - emWin related


    I trying to uses an ST7789 interface with FreeRTOS on a Cypress POC 6 system. This is my first project using emWin, so the most likely source of my problem is a setup/configuration problem. The code is crashing out with a bus fault error. After initializing the GUI system, I did a simple GUI_DrawLine( 0,0, 1,1). The code gets to the step shown in the attached FatalStep.png. When I do a "step into" on that step, the code encounters a bus fault - see BusFault.png. Can you provide any suggestions t…

  • You said "It depends on the interface type". I do not understand this comment. It is the same interface type as the ili9341 IC - an SPI interface. So again, for an SPI interface, do I only have to implement the 8-bit functions you first mentioned, or also the 16 and 32 bit versions? Thanks again, Ed H.

  • Back on Feb. t, 2019 gtoner asked about using SPI bus to interface with an ili9341 graphics chip. I am trying to do the same thing but with a Sitronix ST7789V graphics controller chip. Sven replied that it was relatively easy, all you had to do was implement SPI versions for the following functions: pfWrite8_A0 pfWrite8_A1 pfWriteM8_A1 pfRead8_A1 pfReadM8_A1 I am just a tad confused, though. There are a lot more functions like these in the GUI_PORT_API structure. Do I ONLY have to implement thes…

  • I am using the emWin library provided by Cypress for use with their MCUs. I will probably need to used the Bitmap Converter utility to package some png files. I looked around in the bundle provided by Cypress and can't find it. Is it hidden in there somewhere or is my company going to have to purchase one of the emWin upgrade packages? Thanks, Ed H.