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  • XBF fonts mismatch

    Rona A - - emWin related

    Post…dbac2fbd3ef0a1d1b6e163ff5We are using XBF fonts from external flash. we need anti-aliasing font, so we have to use extended fonts, but we get scrambled pixels instead of letters ( see attached image). when we convert standard font it looks OK. Any Idea why? We use FontConverter 5.28

  • hi When using c font file ( crated by font converter) there is no problem for the linker to reference the font structure since it is linked and compiled at run time. We need to update the fonts at run time into an addressable flash (QSPI), means the font structure is not available when we compile and ling the firmware. We also prefer to run the fonts directly from the flash without loading them to the RAM since we have small RAM and large fonts. We thought sif files will solve our problem, but t…