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  • Hi, under Linux, in the disassembly win3ow of Ozone for RISC-V targets, some text appears white on white and becomes visible only when the line is highlighted. This was tested with Debian 9.13 and Ozone x64 V3.20c (but the bug existed in earlier versions and was also seen in Debian 10). The attached screenshots demonstrate the effect. Best regards, Joachim……8876fe8e5d5add00abdd55100

  • Hi, this seems to be a more general problem of text rendering under Linux. I see the same effect in Ozone V3.10a in the disassembly window for a RISC-V target (while ARM targets seem ok). Immediate data are often (but not always) printed white on white, showing up only when highlighted with the mouse. Both Debian 9.11 and 10.2 show the effect, the latter apparently stronger (higher percentage of invisible text). So if you find a fix for the RTT display, please apply it also to Ozone. Best regard…