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  • Hi, I have investigated this quite a bit over the week end and could not find a way to have a single Qt application with a light theme where the rest of the desktop runs a dark theme. There's plenty of ways to change the widget style but nothing for the theme. Bummer. This situation does not improve with Qt5 ... but theming in general improved in Qt5. For those who are still interested: - get the ~/.config/Trolltech.conf from an account which uses a light theme - create a folder, e.g. ~/.ozone_f…

  • Hi, I am not sure what went wrong but when I created the Arch package completely anew, removed the installed version and installed the new package, the version was correct. I think before, it downloaded the e version but built the c version which was still there in the package folder, but named it after the e version. Weird. This can be closed then. Cheers

  • Hi, here it goes. The pattern runs in a loop. The text appears, then blinks, then disappears.…508699917886dfe066ebb330d Cheers

  • Ozone stuck on "resetting device"

    icwiener - - Ozone related


    @Zeke: thanks for the command. ... Just curious though. What version are you running? For me, since V3.20d this behaviour has dropped quite a lot in frequency ... but now the timeline freezes reproducibly after about one minute or two (support ticket is open and being worked on), which can be unfrozen without killing the application. ... Can you see this in newer versions as well? I suspect the issues are related. In general, I am glad that I am currently not in a big debugging phase at work but…

  • Hi, of course it's a bad idea to _change_ the names. My suggestion is to _add_ another symlink. "JLinkExe" and "JLink" from the system path (/usr/bin) are already just links to another "JLinkExe" in a SEGGER-specific path (/opt/SEGGER/JLink). There is no harm in adding "jlink" as an additional symlink. Everything that worked before, will still work. With the benefit of users being able to start e.g. Ozone without the need to use the shift key, as it is quite standard on Linux. Cheers

  • Since there are already several links to the actual executable, I guess it would be a one-liner per exe to add another symlink ... So probably no need for me to set up a packaging environment to test things. Source Code (2 lines)

  • Hi, (please also take my comments with a grain of salt, I have just had a short look at the Linux tools yet, so I might be wrong.) do not install Qt4 manually. It is unmaintained and out of support for five years. The Segger tools ship with their own copy of Qt4, which might be tailored to their needs and might have security fixes added. Source Code (3 lines) So if those libs cannot be found, there is another problem. I had the same problem with Ozone and Segger support fixed it. So I would wait…

  • Hi, the executables on Linux follow a CamelCase naming scheme like JLinkExe or Ozone. I suggest adding a link for running the executables with lower-case names like ozone or jlink (also without the exe suffix). So keep the camel-case executables for compatibility and add links to them using a lowercase name. This would be more in line of how executables work on Linux. Users expect them to be lower-case for tab completion or e.g. krunner in KDE. Cheers

  • Hi, when dark mode is enabled, Ozone basically adheres to this setting. The UI is dark. However, a lot of issues become apparent then. e.g. - timeline view changes background colour from dark to white when selected/deselected - many texts are hard-coded in dark colours e.g. in Editor or Console you can see dark blue fonts. - the "current line" indication in Editor is almost white, so white text is not visible - the data window inside the timeline window is still white with grey font - ... I coul…

  • Hi, the status bar text regarding data tracing is flickering all the time (kinda pulsing being static on and static off sometimes and flickering in between). See attached video. ... Or not. Videos cannot be uploaded. This worked fine in V3.20d. Cheers

  • Hi, I *think*, Ozone is showing the wrong version in the window's title bar in V3.20e. It says V3.20c here. V3.20d was fine. I downloaded Ozone_Linux_V320e_x86_64.tgz but title bar and About dialog say V3.20c. I still see the possibility that the issue could be caused by the package manager (pacman on Arch) since I am not very familiar with it yet but I still wanted to let you know, so you can maybe reproduce the problem. Cheers

  • Ozone stuck on "resetting device"

    icwiener - - Ozone related


    For the record: I have just been able to reproduce this with V3.20e as well, so it's not fixed yet. So I will reopen my ticket.

  • Hi, from the signature of one of the SEGGER employees here: Should you be entitled to support you can contact us via our support system: For me that seemed to be more effective. Just for reference, here is my old thread: [SOLVED] Cannot quit Ozone after J-Link lost connection to target Cheers

  • Hi, I can see this is fixed in V3.20d. Maybe it was fixed earlier, but I wanted to report it back as fixed anyway. Cheers

  • Hi, there have been done some changes regarding this issue for V3.20d and I have not been able to reproduce the problem with that version yet. Could you try that version and see if that fixes the issue for you? Cheers

  • Hi, we are currently in the same process. We would like to use the J-Trace but there is a lot of confusion about the ETM capabilities of our processors. For us these are STM32 MCUs, though. So I cannot help you with your specific models. Basically, ARM offers ETM on M3, M4 and M7 MCUs. That does not mean, though, that every e.g. M4 MCU offers ETM. This is up to the vendor. For STM32 MCUs we needed to dig through the data sheets and find the pinout description. There the TRACECLK and the TRACEDat…

  • Hi, after closing Ozone and deleting the .jdebug.user file, Ozone startet with the same pane sizes as it had before. Restoring and maximising it again still changed the pane sizes. Weird that is does that for me but not for you. Other applications (like STM32CubeIDE) do not change their "maximised" layout when changed in size while dragging. So it's not a general problem on my box. Any more ideas? Cheers

  • Hi, to reproduce this, I do not even have to drag the window. Just have it maximised, then press the "restore" button (the button in the middle of the three buttons in the upper left, the one that becomes the maximise button) and then press the same button again (now being the maximise button). Make sure that the "restored" size of the window is quite small. Here are the screenshots: Maximised before:…508699917886dfe066ebb330d Restored (this is also the size the wi…

  • Hi, I included RTT into my target firmware and it works like a charm with RTT Viewer. Thanks a lot! Cheers