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  • I've had this issue once when I was moved a project from Windows to OS X; I had to delete the .emSession file and that seemed to fix the issue; no amount of cleaning and rebuilding prior to this fixed it.

  • Hi, I've got two JLink Plus Compact debuggers and they are from prior to the little cases; I was wondering if there was some way to get ahold of the cases that the new compacts come in? Thanks!

  • Hi, I was wondering if this was still on the list to be done for SES? I saw a post from mid-2019 that it was still being tweaked on OS X and was wondering if there has been any more progress made? Thanks!

  • Thanks! I went ahead and created a ticket with an attached project to keep it a little more private for now. This can closed since I'm assuming the ticket will take over now. Thanks!

  • Hi there, I'm currently developing on a STM32F777 chip that has 16k of ITCM at 0x00000000 for fast execution. I've got a linker script setup to load functions with a .fast_func attribute into this section along with an initialize by copy section for the same .fast_func sections. The code gets loaded into the ITCM correctly and is able to execute just fine, but somewhere along the way the link between the code and my source files got lost; I can't set any breakpoints in the function that is loade…

  • Quote from SEGGER - Niklas: “Hi, this in our internal ToDo. A version of the J-Link software & documentation pack which fixes this issue is schedules for release later this week / beginning of next week. Best regards, Niklas” Excellent news, thanks for the reply!

  • Hi, I've run into this same issue with 6.16j. I was wondering if there is a timeline for a future release with this fixed? Thanks!

  • Thank you for the information Glad to know that everything is functioning as normal and the J-Trace isn't messed up. I'll switch to using a J-Link for when I need to use the isolator. Thanks again!

  • Hi there, I'm attempting to utilize my JTAG Isolator (8.07.00 part number) with my J-Trace PRO using J-Link V6.14 and I'm having no luck getting power on the isolator from the emulator side. I execute the 'power on perm' command and see in the JLink control panel that the default power setting is on but when I plug in the isolator the power setting itself still shows off and I get no LED lit on the emulator side. If I try to manually turn the power on through the control panel as soon as I selec…

  • Yes I do. My OnProjectLoad function is as follows: C Source Code (9 lines) I do have M4.JLinkScript in the directory with the jdebug project file for Ozone and it looks like it loads OK; I don't get any file not found errors or other errors. It's the same file that I downloaded from the Wiki for setting up the M4 core of the iMX6 SoloX. I've also tried executing the SetJLinkScript function from the console window prior to attempting to download within Ozone. Thanks! -Christian

  • Hi, I've got an Embedded Artists iMX6.SoloX board + carrier and I can debug the M4 core using Ozone when I have the iMX6 SoloX M4 JLinkScript set as the Default.JLinkScript in the Ozone directory but if I remove it and try to use the Project.SetJLinkScript with the iMX6 SoloX M4 core JLinkScript passed it doesn't work. Ozone seems to be ignoring the setting and using the generic M4 core script which doesn't work with my board. Was wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior or if I'm maybe d…

  • Hi, I've run into an issue when using Mercurial within Embedded Studio where the hg commit command fails. The text output from the Version Control tab for the relevant section: Add items for Commit Performing Commit Commit post-multi failed commit main.c returned hg commit: option -u requires argument It looks like my preferred username isn't getting passed when hg.exe is invoked by Embedded Studio. I've set both the Preferred User Name and E-mail in the Environment Options window. I've also att…