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  • Hi Fabian, thanks for your reply. In fact I can verify, that the cjtag does work in a 2 pin configuration with the cc1310 even with the J-Flash 6.62d. As most often it was a user error on my side, after proper setup of the HW it works flawlessly. Cheers!

  • Hi! I was trying to connect to my cc1310 device via J-Flash, using the cJtag interface. My observation was the following: Having the following setting in J-Flash…bfbb46dc56e2c9a50cbac5f50 I am able to connect to my cc1310 device, as long as all 4 Jtag pins are connected. We have our own 2*4 connector with this pinout…bfbb46dc56e2c9a50cbac5f50 Once I disconnect TDI and TDO from the device (by actually cutting them on the PCB then the J…