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  • Hi, I've tested with an external J-link, did not fix the issue. Does anyone by any chance tried to use the systemview using the following configuration: FreeRTOS v10.2.1, gcc compiler and STM32 board with a Cortex-M7 mcu? Is there an example? Because I've follow the steps described in documentation and did not managed to get it work, I am not receiving the SEGGER_SYSVIEW_COMMAND_ID_START event.

  • Hello, thanks for the response. The board is supported by J-link, but taking in consideration that by default the board is using an ST-link for debug and I have to reflash it using STLinkReflash in order to use it as J-link, does anyone test the STLinkReflash and J-Link OB firmware with this evaluation board ? thanks!

  • Hi, I am using STM32F7508-DK board with STM32F750N8 chip, is this board version and chip supported in SEGGER SystemView? Thanks!