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  • Hi, Did you made sure that the EDIT widget has the focus while pressing the numpad buttons? What if you call EDIT_AddKey(hEdit, Key) where key is one of the numbers like this: Press numpad 1 - call EDIT_AddKey(hEdit, '1'); Press numpad 2 - call EDIT_AddKey(hEdit, '2'); You can also try to call BUTTON_SetFocusable(hButton, 0) and the buttons won't steal the focus of the EDIT widget. Of course, you have to set the focus to the EDIT widget first. Regards, Sven

  • radio button

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    Hi, Like this? C Source Code (77 lines)Regards, Sven

  • stm32f746 discovery

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    Hi, The touch input on the STM32F746 Discovery is not processed with interrupts. At least in our example project it gets polled periodically (every 25ms). The emWin library has no interrupt management. You can pass the touch point data to emWin by using GUI_PID_StoreState(). Attached is an example touch implementation. Regards, Sven

  • Hi, you could create the fullscreen window as child of the WM_HBKWIN (the desktop window) and remember its handle. Once the smaller 'parent'-window gets deleted you also delete the fullscreen child. Like this: C Source Code (122 lines)Regards, Sven

  • Hi, Quote: “Is there a way to simulate the user interface on the host pc using IAR IDE? ” Unfortunately, this will not be possible. The simulation creates internally an image of the framebuffer and displays it in a Windows window. Maybe it would be possible if you get IAR to work with another Toolchain (e.g. Borland for Win32). Beside of that the simulation is also availbale for CodeBlocks. A project for CodeBlocks and the Borland compiler is included in the Simulation trial package:…

  • Hi, per default the EDIT widget is not transparent. Try if it works when you set the transparent flag by calling WM_SetHastTrans(hEdit). Regards, Sven

  • Hi, You can use the IDs of a widget to get its handle and then use the handle to change the widgets properties. Please don't use functions like WM_Paint(), better let the Window Manager decide when to redraw a window/widget. Every time a window/widget gets invalid (either by changing its properties or by calling WM_InvalidateWindow()) it will get redrawn. The redrawing gets performed the next time GUI_Exec() or GUI_Delay() are getting called. Typically one of these functions are getting called w…

  • Hi, Not sure what is causing this behavior. First I would double check the touch and make sure that there is only one up event for every down event. Do you also get a press message before the second release? Are the values of the pMsg member the same? pMsg->hWin - receiver of the message pMsg->hWinSrc - sender of the message pMsg->Data.v/p - union with additional data, not always used pMsg->MsgId - obviously always the same Check if the members have always the same values. If e.g. hWinSrc change…


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    Hi, This sounds strange. Did you cheecked if your touch input is working properly? If you create a simple button, does it react on touch? C Source Code (7 lines)Regards, Sven

  • Hi, the best color mode would be GUICC_M8888I - ARGB. This one offers the best performance since there is no conversion required. Inernally emWin computes with 32bit colors, so when drawing to the framebuffer the colro have to be converted to 16bit. But with 16 bit it is M565. In this case it doesn't really matter whether if the GUI_USE_ARGB flag is set or not. The output gets always converted to the chosen color format (M565 or 565). But I would recommend to use a library (or compile the code) …

  • Hi, Yes, this should be doable. You might take a look into the LCDConf.c we use for the STM32F4/7. The way it goes should be similar. Regards, Sven

  • Hi, This is a perfect example for a usecase of memory devices. Try the code below, I guess that is what you want. The problem is that emWin will write the transparent pixels (the string) to the background which leads to fully transparent pixel in the frame buffer, it does not mix the color. Due to this the result is a black pixel. With the memory device the pixels will also set to fully transparent, but when drawing the memory device it does not touch the background when setting fully transparen…

  • Hi, This one should never become public and has changed since it was created. The demo with the light bulbs also does not exist any more. But I have found an ancient version in the catacombs of my hard disk. I can't guarantee that it will run but you can grab what you need out of it. Regards, Sven


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    Hi, try this: C Source Code (130 lines) Regards, Sven

  • Hello Chen, We are not aware of any issues with auto devices. Unfortunately, I do not know how you make use of the devices so it's hard to say what is going wrong here (a simple application which shows how to reproduce the issue is always a good idea). In general it shouldn't be necessary to have more than one auto device. The device checks which area is 'dirty' and only this area gets updated. I don't understand why there should be more than one devices. Attached is an example for the usage of …

  • Hi, Unfrotunately, I can't tell when the next version of emWin will be released. Also please note that we are not responsible for the release of the libraries provided by the silicon vendors. To keep updated to the latest version of emWin you could buy a source code upgrade which includes a discount (compared to a general emWin purchase). This way you will have always access to the latest version of emWin.…win/emwin-source-upgrade/ To get rid of the leading zeros y…

  • Hi, You are right. For now you can set a the SKINFLEX_POROPS also for another state, e.g. SPINBOX_SKINFLEX_PI_ENABLED. I have fixed this and it will be available with the next emWin release. Regards, Sven

  • Hi, Thanks for pointing this one out. We will fix this behavior. In the meanwhile you can use the workaround below. You have to set a custom callback for the DRAOPDOWN widget and react on WM_KEY. If the selection is disabled set a new selection. Set the callback below with WM_SetCallback(hDropdown, _cbDropdown); C Source Code (35 lines) Regards, Sven

  • Hi, The dist driver should exactly do what you want. Here is a snippet from a LCDConf.c used for two UC1611 controller. First the GUIDRV_DIST driver gets created for layer 0. And the two 'real' drivers are getting created for layer -1. Later on they are getting added to the dist driver. C Source Code (89 lines)This was made for the GUIDRV_SPAGE driver but should work also with the GUIDRV_FlexColor driver. EDIT: Once set up the two displays are getting handled as one big screen. Regards, Sven

  • Hi, I gave it a try and checked it with version 5.38 of emWin. The BMPs are getting dipslayed properly. Maybe there is an issue with the filesystem? Please try the example attached. There I draw the screen.bmp slightly different. I converted into a c-array and compile into the application. This way you don't have a FS in between. Regards, Sven