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  • Hello, Quote from SEGGER - Nino: “But we are currently planning on providing our own SEGGER run time library for C++ with the latest C++ features by the end of this year. ” this is very good news. Look forward to.

  • I'm sorry, my mistake. in the next branch you wrote that you expect support from Nordic for integration new assembler startup. For STM32 the new project is generated as expected. thanks for your patience and clarification.

  • Hello, This is a bit different from what I would like. I am sorry, I can not always correctly formulate a thought in English Look, I have an array of data that I receive from a sensor, such as an accelerometer. I get 10 points on 3 axis every 100ms. int16_t accData[3][10]; Is there a way to graphically display these 10 points? At the moment, I can display one point on the chart (timeline) accData[0][0] Maybe there is some kind of circular buffer, FIFO, into which I can add data to be displayed?

  • Quote from SEGGER - Nino: “The startup.s shipped with V5.10a is already in the correct format so you can simply use that. ” Sorry, but I'm not ready to agree. Attached is a new project created in version 5.10a. The settings are completely default, but when compiled, it throws an error.…f3b1fecdd48fa8b4b65bc1b83…f3b1fecdd48fa8b4b65bc1b83 Best regards,

  • Hello, I use two keyboards layout: 1. English (united States) 2. Russian unfortunately, I do not know how to specify more precisely. just in case, the operating system is: Windows 8.1x64 Professional So, I have done another experiment. For languages with Latin characters (English, German, Spanish, Italian, ...) hotKeys work correctly. For languages with Cyrillic characters (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, ...), hotKeys no work. I can assume that this feature is connected with this. However, othe…

  • I also think this is important. you can, of course, connect manually by taking the libraries along with the toolchain from the arm (link). but this is not the most convenient way ...

  • try: __attribute__ ((weak)) void libfunc2(int itf) {};

  • Hello, after update to last version of SES v5.10a, i have some trouble with creation projects. I wrote earlier about the problem in the post "Problem with new projects Relocation R_ARM_THM_CALL" and got some solution. after that I ran into a similar problem again, but for the file "SEGGER_THUMB_Startup.s" Source Code (10 lines) Based on the errors in the file, you yourself have broken the rule described in your wiki. I am attaching a file with corrections, I hope it helps someone. forum.segger.c…

  • Quote from cnaess: “It describes the cause of the error which is missing .thumb_func, so I just went through all the assembler files in the project looking for missing ones. ” exactly. I just didn't look closely enough at the .asm files. I hope Segger will make this change in the next release

  • Quote from cnaess: “Hi, I had the same issue. I fixed this by adding a missing '.thumb_func' in the file ses_startup_nrf_commons.s (in 'System Files'), before the line 'afterInitialize:' around line 105. Source Code (13 lines)” Thanks, It's really worked. You are a wizard. How could you come to this?

  • Hello, Kindly, can you tell me if you can view the data on the chart, presented in the form of an array? Or do you need to write a special function that will copy one point at a time into a variable that is already displayed? It doesn't look bad as long as there are few points. but with a large number of points, this will slow down all systems. Best Regards, Max

  • Hello, I met a bug. Hotkeys are not always perceived correctly depending on the keyboard layout. - In the settings menu, the current layout does not affect and allows you to assign a new keyboard shortcut correctly, taking into account the English layout; - In the code editor, hotkeys work correctly when the English layout is enabled - When Russian (for example) is enabled, the combinations stop working completely. But with a few exceptions "Ctrl + Q". In the screenshot, I tried to call the "ope…

  • Hello, faced the following problem. I am creating a new project for the nrf52840 microcontroller, with standart parameters:…………f3b1fecdd48fa8b4b65bc1b83 After, run build. But it's not successfully: Source Code (22 lines)Build failed What's happen? Previously, the project was created without any problems…

  • Hi, I use win8.1 Pro.

  • Thanks. By the way, when I copied the version from the "about" window, I noticed that the last line is also not visible there.…f3b1fecdd48fa8b4b65bc1b83 Thanks for your products.

  • Hello, I use SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM Release 4.52c Build 2020051500.42136 Windows x64. And I noticed the following point when using the autocomplete function when including files. The problem is that after the completion of autocomplete there is an extra character <"> I attached 4 screenshots of the process of including the header file to show the described problem……f3b1fecdd48fa8b4b65bc1b83forum.segger.…

  • Good day, Thanks, I did not immediately see your answer, I apologize. the following construction works: (uint32_t *) 0x20008948> 0x3c, where 0x20008948 - address of interesting variable. Best regards, Maxim