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  • I am debugging an NXP MKL26Z256, and Ozone is out of the box working fantastically for me. I was able to get MTB tracing set up in a minute, which is great! But the instruction trace only shows me a maximum of 64 instructions (source/destination pairs), Is there any way to increase the number of instructions I can view in Ozone? It's hard for me to tell if the trace buffer is larger or not, but if I need to increase the size of the trace buffer, how would I do that in Ozone? Thanks!

  • I have an ARM Coretex M0 I'm looking at with my JLink Pro, via SWD. When I look at memory via J-Mem, I see the memory values I'm expecting in the sections I know about, and I can see large swaths of the memory space that is not mapped. I'd like to dump to file what I see in J-Mem. JLink Commander's savebin command is not as helpful as I'd like because I have to know which sections of the memory address space are mapped. If I request all memory out to 0xffff_ffff, I of course get an error the fir…