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  • Hi Fabian, Thank you for your fast response. I will provide the setup details, serial numbers and dat files via e-mail later today. I have also now installed multiple versions between 6.30c and 6.62a to try to see when it "goes wrong". Kind regards, Troels

  • Hi, Target MCU is "NXP MK22FN256xxx12 (allow security)". The purpose for me of using J-flash is to mainly generate configuration and data files (cfg/dat/pex) files for our production involving a couple of Flasher ARMs controlled via RS232. The last time I've performed this operation was with v6.30c (on WIn 7). With v6.62 (on WIn 10) the dat files that are created no longer contains the Intel hex format of the data file attached at the bottom of the file, as was the case with J-flash 6.30c. As a …