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  • Hi, Thanks for the reply. We used f_write() to write into SD card instead of WriteFile(), but the BMP image is not getting stored on the SD card. Can you please help.

  • If the screenshot has to be saved on the SD-card, what are the modifications that should be done.

  • We want to take screenshot of the LCD display of STM32F429I-Eval board using STemWin , how can this be done?

  • While using emWin, which font files should be used for the following languages 1.German, 2.english, 3.french, 4.spanish, 5.italian, 6.portuguese, 7.swedish, 8.russian, 9.czesh, 10.polish, 11.chinese, 12.japanese, 13.korean, 14.turkish For each font file what would be the memory required?

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    Arjuman - - emWin related


    Thanks for the reply. I am using the demo version of emWin font converter. I have tried to create a C file output for the font "Calibri" and used the generated output c file in one of the sample programs to change the font. While Generating the output file I have got the following popup. Also the output c file when used in the program does not give the expected font in the output.I have attached the image of the output as well. Can you please help resolve this problem.

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    Arjuman - - emWin related


    Hello, We want to create an application using EmWin that supports multiple languages,which are 1.German 2.french 3.spanish 4.italian 5.portuguese 6.swedish 7.russian 8.czesh 9.polish 10.chinese 11.japanese 12.korean 13.turkish We wanted to know whether all of the above languages are supported by EmWin. or can you provide the list of the languages Emwin support??

  • Hi, Instead of the binary format, we are trying to access the csv file directly. We are facing issue to read the csv file. NumLanguagesCSV = GUI_LANG_LoadCSVEx(_GetData, &_ResFileName[0]); GUI_LANG_LoadTextEx(_GetData, &_ResFileName[1], NumLanguagesCSV); But its not loading the respective file. Its jus giving some junk values. can anyone tell me how to load a csv and get the data from the file? Can you provide any example how to load and get data from local directory?

  • Hi, Is this is the example you were talking about?? Regards, Arjuman

  • I tried something like this. Please see the attachment. Do I need to specifically convert the csv format into binary?? if yes, how to convert any csv file into its binary format?? If not, then how to read csv file in the code directly instead of binary format??

  • Hi, In the code for language changing "WIDGET_MultiLanguageCSV" which is mentioned in samples. They have used the binary format of the csv file. Is that necessary?? If yes, then how to convert csv file into binary format?? Can I just create a excel of csv format and include in my program. If yes, please do let me know the process.

  • Hi, I have recently started working with emwim and I am going through the same projects given. Recently I have gone through the "WIDGET_MultiLanguageCSV". I have understood the workflow and functions. [1]. I have given the binary format of the csv file and they are changing the languages as per the input. How can I get to know the format of actual csv file. They have used 3 languages English, German, Italian, how can I know how they have kept in the csv file. [2]. GUI_LANG_SetLang(LANG_ENGLISH);…