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  • thanks Nino. Tab spacing = 8 fixed the indentation.

  • The short video file here : was made for a different post to this forum. Unrelated to that post is the question of why Ozone reformats my source code incorrectly. Timecode 0:50 of the video shows that gdbgui displays the statements enclosed within the while loop with proper indentation, as in the original source file. Timecoede 1:30 of the video shows that ozone indents them incorrectly. Nested blocks are not indented as in the original source file, and statements that had b…

  • Nino, Yes the problem persists even in Ozone v3.20a. Yes I have a project ready to send you that reproduces the problemm. How do I send it to you? Do I attach it here? [update: submitted a ticket with the requested attachment]

  • I am evaluating ozone as a debugger for my STM32F411E-Discovery project. I am new to ozone so this might be a configuration error but.... ozone v3.10g (on xubuntu 19.10) displays incorrect program flow when stepping through an ELF file. The short video file here : shows that gdbgui single-steps through my program correctly ("BUTTON_DOWN" is TRUE so it executes lines 121, 123, 125, 126, 127, 139, ...) but ozone does does a little hiccup and executes lines 121, 123, 121, 123, …