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  • Hi, I want to connect 2 devices (CC1312R1F3) to flash in sequence. Pins are all connected together, except TDI/TDO, which are in chain: JTAG/TDI -> TDI, TDO -> TDI -> TDI -> JTAG/TDO ICE-Pick can't be identified. How should I proceed? Source Code (9 lines)When connected 1-device at a time, it works properly! Thanks.

  • Hi, I would like to flash post manufactured PCBs that are available on a panel. Each panel has 6 PCBs. I have been developing a software/IDE to handle JLInkEXE, flashing, verifying and printing PCB label. What would be the best approach for getting that done regarding J-TAG connection? 1. Using a single J-TAG programmer, sharing pins and connecting TDI/TDO in chain? - Seems to be the easiest solution; - However, if 1 PCB fails, the next one won't be flashed, is that right? I won't be able to fla…