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  • Hello! I have been trying to update the wireless stack on a STM32WB55CE MCU using the process described at It seems the the microcontroller is responding well, although I got the following replies while trying to update: Update FUS: (Hidden Content) And to update the wireless stack: (Hidden Content) So it seems that the digital signature of the binaries can not be verified. I am using a 512KB STM32WB55, so I adjusted the addresses of the binaries to match the wireless …

  • Hi Fabian, I did as you suggested and selected STM32WB55 as device. Indeed I could program the device and use RTT as usual. That works for me. Thank you! Kind regards, Robson

  • Thanks, Fabian I did not know I could do it myself. I will look into it. Kid regards, Robson

  • Hello Quote from SEGGER - Fabian: “We added the device to our list. ” Awesome. That is all I wanted to hear. Quote from SEGGER - Fabian: “ Unfortunately, it is not clear when we are able to add support for this device exactly, because of other, pressing paid projects. ” That is understandable. We are using a couple ST Link programmers meanwhile, so is not urgent. Our hardware is custom, I am afraid ST has not released a development kit yet. Best regards, Robson

  • Hi Fabian, Thanks for your response! I will wait then. I am aware of the supported devices list. STM32WB55 is supported, but STM32WB50 is not.

  • Hello My name is Robson, I work with a small team of firmware developers. We recently designed a board around the STM32WB50CG uC, but version 6.60d of the JLink software can not program it. I get the following message: "The selected device "STM3250CG" is unknown to this version of the J-Link software". Is STM32WB50 support expected any time soon? We can use ST Link programmers meanwhile. Thanks in advance!