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  • Hey all, Is there a way to target and update the value of an AppWizard text object through code? So far I can only update it using the APPW_SetVarData(), but thats with a hardcoded value from AppWizard . I would like to update the text with a custom value from the code itself. Let me know if this is possible, and if so, how I can do this. The examples that come with the Emwin trial does not include any AppWizard applications to demonstrate this. Thanks, Josh

  • Hello, My company is looking to implement emWin with the AppWizard GUI builder Where can I find example visual studio solutions using emWin with AppBuilder to display a GUI with navigation between different screens? I’ve checked out the directory that comes with emWin: SeggerEval_test\Sample\Tutorial But that directory only consists of low level snippets of code. I would like have a full example solution demonstrating navigation between different screens. Let me know and thanks, Josh