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  • Hello Fabian, My device is a TM4C123FH6PM connected through JTAG. I tried both J-Flash/J-Link Commander and Code Composer Studio. I think the JTAG pins are locked. I tried the unlock procedure mentioned on TI forums from the J-Link Commander and I also jumped pins from a EK-TM4C123 board using the ICDI JTAG connection they provide. Both solutions didn't work. I think I will replace the chip to continue forward. Best, Tuna Bicim

  • Hello Everyone, After flashing a program that went to Fault ISR, I no longer can connect to the board I have. I get flashing Red Light on the probe and you may find the log files attached. I am not too familiar with this probe so I am not sure why I can't connect. I used J-Flash and Innate tools from Code Composer Studio and behaviour seems to be the same. Best Regards, Tuna Bicim