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  • Hi Bill, On our side everything works fine with the ATSAM3X8H and the J-Link EDU mini (tested on SAM3X-EK Rev.B):…57f506b4f5825ba009a4cbb9c Therefore we suspect that the issue is related to the board design/setup. We have ordered the Arduino board and will test this as soon as it arrives. We will keep you up to date. J-Link supports a huge amount of probes, the ATSAM3X8E among them: Again: No issue is known regarding the A…

  • Hi Bill, What my colleague Souhail said still applies: You are supposed to connect to the board via SWD. Does it now work with SWD? Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that nrfjprog is not a SEGGER product. Therefore, Support is provided by Nordic Semiconductor and not by SEGGER. We recommend using J-Flash, SEGGERs professional production utility, which can be uses with a J-Link Plus or higher. We will consider this thread as closed now. Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, I re-uploaded the file. Our files are available ~48h when uploaded. Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we have difficulties to understand your questions. Why would you want to use ETM and ITM in parallel? It seems that you are mixing up some terms here. Could you please specify exactly what you mean? For general information about tracing, please refer to this article: Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. I am sorry but I am not sure if I understand your question correctly. If you are looking for the J-Link RTT Viewer it is part of the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack (JLinkRTTViewer.exe/JLinkRTTViewerExe) If you are looking for the RTT Sources, your can find them also as part of the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack at %J-LinkInstallDir%\Samples\RTT\, where "V682a" is the version of the currently latest version of the Pack. Does this…

  • Hi Bill, Either you contact your local electronics vendor and ask him for advice (it is a common cable and they should be able to point you in the right direction) or you look for a "flat 10 pin ribbon cable" on the internet. Please understand that we cannot point you to a specific vendor. Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi Giuseppe, Good to hear that you are up and running again. We will consider this thread as closed now. Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi everyone, The patched went live now and is available here (V6.82a):…twareAndDocumentationPack Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, We confirmed a Firmware issue related to the J-Trace PRO Corte-M V2. The fix will be part of the patched release (V6.82a) available later today here:…twareAndDocumentationPack We will keep you updated. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi Giuseppe, Thank you for your inquiry. Such an issue is not known to us. Could you please try the following: 1) Open the J-Link Commander (JLink.exe/JLinkExe) 2) Connect to the J-Trace PRO Cortex-M that is stuck in bootloader mode (if the J-Trace is the only probe connected to your PC, this happens automatically) 3) Issue the following commands: Source Code (2 lines)This will 1. reset the firmware of the J-Trace and 2. then update the firmware again. Does everything work as expected after thes…

  • Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. There is no issue related to NRF52832_XXAA known to us. Please find an example Embedded Studio project for the NRF52832_XXAA that is working out of the box on our side here: Could you please give it a try and tell us if it works on your side too? Best regards, Fabian

  • Jlink Script

    SEGGER - Fabian - - J-Link/Flasher related


    Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. There is no such command, as the J-Link Commander is not a production tool. You could either 1) use J-Flash, SEGGER's production tool. For a merge action you do not need an additional license and you can perform this action by command line: Linux example: %PathToJFlash%/JFlashExe -hide -open"%PathToHex1%/hex1.hex" -merge"%PathToHex2%/hex2.hex" -saveas"%PathToDesiredLocation%/hexMerged.hex" -exit 2) a third party application 3) write your own application/script (e.…

  • Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. This could be achieved in multiple ways. 1) You could use a J-Link for ETB tracing or a J-Trace for ETM tracing, if the target supports such a feature. This way you could set a breakpoint on the hardfault handler and when it hits, analyze the desired data in Ozone. 2) You could use Ozone with SystemView in parallel. You could (as in 1)) set a break point on the hardfault handler, and analyze the data in Ozone and SystemView. Solution 2) is available for all Cortex…

  • Hi, There is no such issue known to us related to this device. We are not able to reproduce this on our side with the latest J-Link J-Link Commander version (downloadable here):…57f506b4f5825ba009a4cbb9c Setup: - FRDM-KE15Z evaluation board - J-Link Commander V6.802 Are you using an evaluation board or custom hardware? If evaluation board: Which one? If custom hardware: Is this issue reproducible on an evaluation board? Is the same application + bootloader running …

  • Hi Bill, Okay. Please feel free to come back to us if switching the cables does not resolve the issue. Best regards, Fabian

  • my jlink mini

    SEGGER - Fabian - - J-Link/Flasher related


    Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. Could you please tell us in which context you are using the J-Link EDU min? Please note that J-LInk EDU and J-Link EDU mini are for non commercial and educational purposes only. A usage of these probes in a commercial context is illegal. Regarding your inquiry: J-Link EDU mini, J-Link EDU, and J-Link Base do not come with a J-Flash license. Please find a J-Link model overview with the related software features/licenses here:…erview/#…

  • Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. You are using a fairly old version of the J-Flash software. Could you please give the latest version a try? It is available as part of the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack here:…twareAndDocumentationPack Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, If you made sure, that your cable is indeed correctly connected (that is one reason why I asked for pictures of your setup), then the cable is most likely defective. Could you please measure if all relevant wires of the ribbon cable are connected through? For reference which wires are relevant please refer to the following page:…-pin_JTAG.2FSWD_connector Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi Bill, Thank you for your inquiry. Could you please send us a picture of your hardware setup (with the J-Link connected, connector visible, etc). Best regards, Fabian