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  • Thanks Fabian for your help. I have no more question and 10/10 for the support. Best, Tibor

  • Thanks Fabian. My intent is a kind of experimental test. Yes, generally I can program my device with Jlink programmer without any problem. But I have an *.s37 file which can "brick" the device, if some kind of disturbance happens during the upload of this file. (I manually make this disturbance, during the upload, I toggling the device related reset pin) After the successful bricking, I've created a log about the jlink connection attempt, but it just say that "Failed to power up DAP". (I've atta…

  • Hi Guys, Does somebody know what is the default "InitTarget()" function related body - relating to Jlink.exe? I mean, the documentation describes that I can overwrite "InitTarget", but what I will overwrite, what is the original one? I am using cortex-m4. Thanks, Tibor