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  • Hi, the key input from the client should be sent to the VNC server. In emWin, there are two ways to react on keyboard input. It depends whether you are using the window manager, or not. When using the window manager, have to react on the WM_KEY message. This message is sent to the window that has the focus when a key was pressed. If you have something that does not receive input focus (like a normal window), you can just call WM_SetFocus() on it. C Source Code (17 lines)A pointer to a WM_KEY_INF…

  • Hi, Quote from bio_med: “GUI_TOUCH_CalcCoefficients(NUM_TOUCHSCREEN_CAL_POINTS, ReferenceX, ReferenceY, SampleX, SampleY, X_Size, Y_Size); ” this routine is used for calibration. Before you can do that, the touch points have to be retrieved from the controller and sent to emWin. This is done by the routine GUI_TOUCH_StoreStateEx(). Below you can find a (simplified) example configuration for the STM32F746G-Disco. Note that this is only an example, you have to adapt it according to your hardware. …

  • Hi, I forgot to mention that the sample cannot be used on capacitive touchscreens. Are you using a capacitive or a resistive touchscreen? And how do you pass the data sent by the touch controller to emWin? Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, I cannot really say what is going wrong without knowing which hardware you are using or what you are doing after the calibration in your application. Can you provide me some information and code to reproduce the behavior? Thanks and best regards, Florian

  • Update: We have fixed the bug and uploaded a new demo version onto the website. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, we were able to reproduce the behavior and are looking into it. I found that the file dialog would still be opened when pressing CTRL + O. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, it should work when calling GUI_QR_Draw() in a WM_PAINT case instead of WM_INIT_DIALOG. In fact, you should only draw inside of a WM_PAINT case when using the Window Manager, or otherwise it won't work properly. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, which VNC client are you using and have you set any options? And could you send me your LCDConf.c file? Thanks and best regards, Florian

  • Hello, please note that the common language in this forum is English. I would suggest you open a new thread where you address your concern in English. Thanks and best regards, Florian

  • GUIBuilder unreliable

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    Hi, thanks for your feedback! Let me help you with your problems. 1. In order for something to be displayed, you should make sure that the text color is different from the background color. And you also have to set a text to the TEXT object. To do that, click "Set text" in the TEXT object properties, click "Add text", then "New language" and then you can enter a text by double-clicking the "-". Finally, click "Select". 2. Are you referring to the play mode inside AppWizard? Or do you mean export…

  • Hi, yes, you can convert the XBF file into a binary array by using the Bin2C tool. The array only has to be addressable. The GetData function then only has to copy the array to the source address. C Source Code (25 lines) Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, I would advise against the use of SIF fonts, since this font format is considered obsolete. It makes more sense to use XBF fonts instead. XBF fonts can be created from installed fonts using the Font Converter tool. If you want to store fonts in accessible ROM, you should convert it into a normal font structure. In case you want to store the font data on external memory, you can find a sample here that demonstrates how to do this with XBF fonts. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, PNG decoding requires a lot of RAM, but given that you allocated more than 6MB to emWin, this shouldn't be the problem. It could be something wrong with the PNG image itself, have you tried using another PNG image, just to see if that works? You may try with the image I have attached, as this one worked for me. Best regards, Florian

  • GUIBuilder unreliable

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    Hi, you can't import emWin code into the AppWizard, you would have to develop the application from scratch with AppWizard. Though, when you already have an existing application, this part should be really easy once you know how to use the tool. You can also use some of your code as 'user code' in AppWizard interactions. The AppWizard tool is not purchasable on its own, but you may download a free trial here. The trial offers full functionality, including the simulation but except BSPs for export…

  • Hi, you can try with this macro that swaps the colors from ARGB to ABGR: C Source Code (2 lines)Best regards, Florian

  • Circular Gradient

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    Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to draw such a gradient using emWin. It would be best to draw this gradient using a bitmap, which is faster anyways. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, the GUI_WIDGET_CREATE_INFO structure is defined as follows: C Source Code (12 lines)As last parameter you passed a pointer to a callback function, where the number of extra bytes to be allocated should be. So instead of _cbWin, you can just pass 0 as last parameter. The WINDOW widget in your _aDialogCreate structure is not a separate window widget, it is the dialog. So, to draw a gradient you don't need another callback, you can just copy the WM_PAINT case from _cbWin0 into the _cbDialog cal…

  • Hi, I cannot really tell where the error lies in your application. Again, can you send me code to reproduce the behavior? Thanks and best regards, Florian

  • Hi, you can only use the GUI_MAKE_COLOR() macro with ABGR colors, not ARGB. With emWin V5.44, the default color format was changed from ABGR to ARGB. It is not that important to which color format you are using, but important is that you don't pass colors just as a hex value, but use the GUI_MAKE_COLOR() macro. This ensures that the given hex value will always be converted into the correct format. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, can you tell me at what point in your code the application crashes? Best regards, Florian