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  • Hi Fabian, VTRef is not having and difference as it is derived out using a buck and used onboard for other functions as well. Regards Raj Nikumbh

  • Hi Fabian, I am sorry, maybe my explanation was not correct. The overshoot is being observed on the Clock line. Hence I was suspecting that Jlink is adding something here on when the power supply is 3.3V Regards Raj Nikumbh

  • Hi Fabian, Thanks for your reply. These are two different custom PCBA that we have made. The power to the MCU is generated using onboard buck regulators. Jlink is connected using a cable of about 250mm. The setup remains similar for both 1.8V and 3.3V but there are differences in overshoots observed. Regards Raj Nikumbh

  • Hello, We are using Jlink for flashing and debugging on two different MCU's from NXP. One has a working voltage of 3.3V while other has working voltage of 1.8V. There is a considerable overshoot seen on 3.3V system of about 850mV which is much beyond the specification of the MCU. On the 1.8V system there is a overshoot of about 350mV which is slightly higher. I have two questions. Why is the overshoot different between 3.3V and 1.8V? Why do we see much higher undershoots in 3.3V? Please help us …