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  • Ok, figured out by trial and error that "probably" the SEGGER_SYSVIEW_OnIdle must be called only when after tasks have been placed in SEGGER_SYSVIEW_OnTaskStopReady . Otherwise the GUI is not able to perform computation correctly.

  • Hi all, a question from my side: Why there is no lock mechanism in record start and record end when buffer on the stack is used? Bonus questions: The usage of SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RTT_BUFFER_SIZE is not really clear to me. 1. What's the relation between SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RTT_BUFFER_SIZE and the interface speed that shall be used to retrieve data without losing packets or having transmission errors? 2. Are there any (appreciable) differences in performances between selecting JTAG and SWD debugger interfac…

  • Hi All, I am evaluating sysview on a CM4 using a custom OS. It can be approximated to a fixed scheduler inside a macro loop, time triggered. At the very end of the "tasks" handling, I wait for the tick to elapse and here I am placing the function call "SEGGER_SYSVIEW_OnIdle()" Nevertheless, I can see that cpu load section the counter IDLE counter is never increased. Any hint on this topic? Best regards, Catosh.

  • Hello, We wan to to flash the S32K11x with security enabled. Selecting the "allow security" configuration a popup stating that "Your application image would set the system security of the device. This is not supported in the current configuration. Application data has been changed accordingly". unfortunately, the security is EXACTLY what we need. How can we correctly flash the mcu? Please note that using Segger Jlink(Plus) and IAR we are able to flash and allwo security. Furthermore, we are real…

  • Hello Erik, I already downloaded the update a couple of weeks ago, it works fine now. Thank you for the support. B.R, C.

  • I have further information to share. Jflash v6.10l is not able to read back the flash of the microcontroller. Anyway I am able to connect (on athoer pc) and read back the flash with the Jlink v5.41n(beta). Any hint would be very appreciated. B.R. C.

  • As the topic title. I updated segger-jlink to the last stable release (currently is the JLink_V610l). IAR is able to connect and erase the microcontroller, Atollic is not. Further information: the micro is an NXP KL82 Any hint? I can provide some logs if need. Best regards, C. edit: The 5.5.1 version of Atollic True studio was working fine with v. 601c; then after upgrading to 610l I had the troubles. Further information: if I try to connect with Jflash.exe and perform a readback of the flash, I…

  • Firmware update, dll update, nothing. Win reboot, all good. Left here just in case. best regards, L.

  • As the main object, I am using ITM_Port32() maros to perform timing measurements on my system. Anyway, when using the base version of segger jlink I am able to use SW vievers and related stuff, when I am using jlink Plus, I am not able to perform any measurement. Any hint about? Best regards, L.

  • [SOLVED] Sfr Dump

    catosh - - J-Link/Flasher related


    Hi, thank you very much for your reply. I'll try your method, it looks like is working right now with those sfrs. L.

  • [SOLVED] Sfr Dump

    catosh - - J-Link/Flasher related


    Hello, I would like to perform a dump of the sfrs on my ARM cortexM4 device, anyway my IDE (Atollic) only allows the view of the sfrs - not the saving or the export. Is there a way I could do it using my jlink device? I tried with Jlink.exe (savebin) but I got errors (Could not read memory) even if I am able to read flash addresses. Any hint would be very appreciated. Best regards, L.