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  • Hello, New problem wtih .icf file. I use "last section" instruction to place the one section at the end of liste of sections. This instruction place the code at the end of list but the .segger.* section is always after. Source Code (12 lines)I wanted to get around th problem encountered in this thread…ent-is-ignored-by-linker/. I just need my elf file to be 16 bytes aligned but it seems impossible. Thank you for your replys.

  • Hello, I use SES 4.52a and SEGGER Linker in my project. I use MemoryMap.xml file to define Memory Segment : Source Code (3 lines)And I use .icf file to define section. Source Code (3 lines) In this exemple, if I build, the alignement=512 instruction is ignored by the linker. The real size of vectors is 404 bytes and the linker place the code directly after the vector and not after the the alignement instruction. vector : 0x0801000 to 0x08010193 instead of 0x0801000 to 0x08010200. If I use the ke…