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  • Disbale Windows Manager

    bio_med - - emWin related


    Hi, I am using the touch calibrate sample emWin has provided. It works perfectly fine the first time I call touchCalibrate function. Once the touch is calibrated, I use Windows Manager to create a window with couple buttons. When a button on this screen is touched, I would like to calibrate the touchscreen again. So I am trying to use the same touchCalibrate function I used before, except now that I have a window dialog, things have to be rearranged to work with a window. Question: Is there a wa…

  • Quote from SEGGER - Florian: “Hi, please note that this forum section is dedicated only to emWin. I know that the emFile forum is not as active, but we cannot give you adequate support for emFile either. I'll move the thread accordingly. In the future, please only use the emFile forum for threads regarding emFile. Best regards, Florian ” Yes, I do realize that but there are no responses on that forum for a year. Also, I couldn't find any information regarding de-initialization anywhere else.

  • Quote from jona: “Are you calling DeInit() and then Init() after waking? ” Yes, that's exactly what I am doing.

  • Hi, Is there a sample code to implement de-initialization of File system during powering down of hardware? I really appreciate any help as I have no problem with anything at tall first time but when I power down and turn the power back on, I don't see images loading up. I am just trying to make sure I am not missing anything so far. Thanks and regards, BMD

  • I know this is related to emfile but I don't see any segger technical help available there and since I use emwin with emFile I thought of just posting here for help. Anybody?

  • Hi, I am using emfile to read pictures from SD card. I have a certain function working this way: 1. Initialization of hardware. 2. Display of a window. 3. When the powder button is pressed, I Unmount and deinit before powering down. 4. When I try to power back up, I initialize file system using FS_Init(). Problem: All other Images are not being displayed anymore except for the first image on the SD card. Looks like the initialization after waking up from powder down doesn't seem to be working we…

  • Florian, It worked. Never mind. Thank you so much. Best regards, BMD

  • Hi Florian, Really appreciate you trying to help. I will try to implement it. Meanwhile, I forgot to put up another question up there: 1. So I am drawing something in the background using WM_PAINT of _cbdialog(). But I only want it drawn once when the window is being called for the first time. Is there a possibility to not allow it to draw every time there is a change on the window? I understand that clearing the flag WM_ClrHasTrans() for widgets. How do you suggest I do it for WM_PAINT? Thank y…

  • Hi, I have observed something weird recently. I hope some one here can help me get rid of this problem. I have a created a window with Button, drawing, Text Widget. 1. Every time a button is pressed, I am changing numbers on a text widget. 2. I have an additional text widget that has been functioned to change value when a certain hardware malfunction happens. Both these times I see that any update to a certain text widget causes the whole screen to draw. Has anyone come across this issue? I real…

  • Hi Florian, I have configured Multiple Buffering. I was referring to a sample that could help me understand how to call multiple buffering before drawing. Is there a sample to show me when to call GUI_MULTIBUF_Begin() while trying to display widgets? I look forward to hear from you. Thanks and regards, BMD

  • Forian, Thank you trying to help me out. Could you please tell me if there is a sample of manual implementation of Multiple Buffering? I am trying to implement it manually rather than using WM_MULTIBUF_ENABLE(). Appreciate all the help. Thanks and regards, BMD

  • Florian, Yes, GUIDRV_TEMPLATE is the drive provided by my Silicon provider. Is this a problem? I will try to increase the memory for emWin an see if that changes anything. Thanks and regards, BMD

  • Florian, Really appreciate you trying to help. Please see attached. Thanks and regards, BMD

  • Hi Florian, Thank you for your response. I did something similar to what the example explains. I am writing images to cache so I this way I am reading images from SD card only once. Thereafter the images are read from cache. But this still doesn't help with the timing issue that exists. Any suggestions to what could be causing this? Thanks and regards, BMD

  • Hi, I got Multiple buffering to work finally from my Silicon Provider. But once I adapt multiple buffering, I see some strange things happening. 1. Button press seems to have slowed down. When the button is CLICKED, it stays pressed for sometime and then releases. 2. I put a flag to see what was going on and I just can't seem to understand the behavior of irregular timings. 3. If I enable WM_MULTIBUFF_ENABLE(1), things seem to be going out of pace - I can see Multiple Buffering working but I hav…

  • Multiple Buffering

    bio_med - - emWin related


    Hi, Can someone tell me if Multiple buffering is included in GUI_DRVControl driver? What are all the drivers that have multiple buffering as a part of it? Appreciate any help! Best regards, BMD

  • Hi, So, I have been using emWin and learning a lot about it. But I came across something which I don't understand. Can someone please help me with this? 1. I display text using GUI_DispStringAt() and I can see it. 2. Clear the text and display a window with buttons and textbox. 3. Clear the window and trying to display text using GUI_DispString() and I don't see anything on the screen. Has anyone come across this issue? Am I doing something wrong here? Note: When I tried to use a text box to dis…

  • Florian, I am sorry I missed a file and images for SD card. Please see attached. Could you please give it a try now? Note: The reason I am not doing a 'stand-alone' file is we have certain code standards to follow and I wanted things to work when I have each function in it's own file. Best regards, BMD

  • Florian, Did you get a chance to check out my files? Did you find anything unusual in the code? Were you able to see similar results as mine or did it work okay for you? Appreciate all the help! Best regards, BMD

  • Florian, I have attached zip file which has all the screens and main file. Let me know if that works for you. Best regards, BMD