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  • Hi. New to SES, and trying to bring some preferred ways of doing things over from other IDEs. Supposing I have a long comment in a source file - a whole paragraph. I'd prefer to write this all on one line rather than put line breaks in every 80 or 140 characters or whatever. Then I'd like the editor to wrap any lines longer than N characters, or the width of the editor on screen. Visual Studio Code does this well, for example. This makes sense to me, since two developers working in the same code…

  • HI. If I set the colour scheme to Crossworks Dark on your Mac and Linux versions, the only thing that changes is the code editor. The rest of the application is still in the original colour scheme. Is this working as intended? Everything else on my machine (terminal, other IDEs, OS itself) is now dark. It's really hard to look at SES like this. Does it work like this on Windows?

  • Hi, I'm going to need to send a character or two of data from my host to my target as part of our production test setup. In production, we'll be using a Windows host, but in development we use Macs, so I also need to be able to set this up on a Mac. Even on the Windows machine, I need to be able to script this or do it programmatically from a .NET application, not manually in the RTT Viewer application. How can I do this? Thanks, Eliot.

  • Hi there. I have a device based on a Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822, which is an ARM Cortex M0. It's a prototype of a custom board and right now I'm field testing it. When my firmware asserts in the field while the debugger is NOT connected, I want to be able to bring the device back to my desk, reconnect the J-Link and get the stack trace. What I'm finding is that something is resetting the processor when I reconnect. I use gdb. Here's how I start my gdb server: /Applications/SEGGER/JLink/JLinkG…

  • OK thanks, I'll get stuck into the SDK.

  • Hi. What does JLinkRTTLogger do when the log output includes a Ctrl-D (EOF) character? I'd expect it to disconnect and send a SIGHUP backup the unix pipeline that created the process. If this was supported, it would make automated testing of boards from a host computer much easier. My goal is to have the terminal back on the host computer after running a "make test" in my firmware codebase. The last thing my logging from my test code does is send en EOF.

  • As it happens, v5.12f was released just today and now includes the JLinkRTTLogger executable for Mac. So I can now run that instead of JLinkRTTClient, but I still have questions about getting this working. 1. Does JLinkRTTLogger still require JLinkGDBServer to be running? 2. What are the command line options? If I pass these in, they seem to be ignored: /Applications/SEGGER/JLink/JLinkRTTLogger -device nrf51822 -if swd -speed 1000 /Applications/SEGGER/JLink/JLinkRTTLogger --help 3. Can I get the…

  • PS: I've seen the mention of the RTT Logger in the PDF docs, but can find no executable for it. Quote: “J-Link RTT Logger opens a dedicated connection to J-Link and can be used stand- alone, without running a debugger. ”

  • Hi there, I'd like to automate the running of some test code on my boards. The aim is to have a makefile target, "make test" which: * Compiles my firmware with a -D flag set for test * Flashes the code to my board * Starts JLinkRTTClient * Runs my code, so that I can watch the log output on the terminal I notice that JLinkRTTClient looks to connect to localhost:19021 and that there's a server there listening if I also start JLinkGDBServer. I'd like to keep it simple, however, and not start the G…

  • Thanks, I see the issue. I had some of your code in my project from an earlier release already, and had only updated the other code.

  • Hi, I'm trying to build my firmware with the System View target sources included. This is for an ARM Cortex M0 and I'm using this version of gcc: gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_9-2015q1 The build fails on compiling SEGGER_SYSVIEW.c as follows: C Source Code (1 line) Here's the inline assembler source that's causing the error: C Source Code (1 line) How do I fix this?

  • The JLink documentation PDF gives the pinout for SWD for the JLink itself, but what about the pins and pads on the adapter? I need to make up a cable by soldering on to those pads. What is the pinout on the pads, please? [img][/img] Since the forum seems broken for inserting images above, here's a lin…

  • I'd like to run the JLinkRTTClient executable as part of a production test. I want to avoid starting a GDB server and client just to get the logging output. I see from the documentation that the viewer tool has the ability to run standalone. I can't see any options for the JLinkRTTClient though, and running it with --help or -help or -h doesn't help. Can this be done?

  • I'm not seeing that this is fixed in 4.98b on a Mac: Source Code (26 lines) I would expect that 0 return code to be non zero, since the writing to the target failed.

  • OSX 10.11

    eliotstock - - J-Link/Flasher related


    Segger team, please fix this as soon as possible. We'll be needing to upgrade to 10.11 as soon as it's released.