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  • I’m encountering a scenario where a connection to a target is successful but the core is not found. The core is not found during the first two connections but is found on the third connection and all connections thereafter. When a connection with a core is successful all connects thereafter are successful. How can I interpret such behavior? Does it point to a hardware issued?

  • I am in contact with Microchip to get the SWO base clock frequency in the SAM S/E/V family (Microchips Cortex-M7 parts). They said the base clock is a clock called PCK[3] (an internal programmable clock line) They provided initialization code. C Source Code (34 lines)

  • Has the SWO Viewer been checked with any of the Atmel Cortex-M7 products?

  • Hi Nino, Here is a test of an Atmel SAMS devices sending A and B characters into a JLink from the target. It seems SWO Viewer is not showing the data. Are there any tips I can check? Jeff

  • Nino, I used this sequence. Open JLink.exe. Connect to the target. Open SWO Viewer. Select Measure in the dialog. When Measure is selected this message is given. SWO Viewer stops responding after closing the message.

  • J-Link was upgraded when you said an outdated version of J-Link was being used. There is no difference when upgrading to V6.30. The behavior still occurs with V6.30. Target - Atmel Cortex-M7 ATSAMS70N20 SWO Clock - Set manually in application, code provided below. Board - Custom, schematic provided below. C Source Code (38 lines)

  • Here is a video for your request of SWO Viewer changing the signal frequency of the SWO output data. The frequency changes when OK is selected in Config Dialog. The oscilloscope monitors the data going into the JLink SWO pin and shows how the speed changes when OK is selected. Equally important is that data streaming into the JLink SWO pin is not shown in the viewer. Data is streaming into the JLink on stimulus port 0 and stimulus port 1 but it is not shown in the window. The target CPU clock is…

  • I observe that when Edit->Configure is selected in the SWO Viewer, the data rate of ITM data coming out of the target SWO pin changes frequency. That is, the frequency of signal changes. Is that correct behavior? I also observe that running the SWO Viewer simultaneously with JLinkGDBServer.exe is not reliable. Should only one be open at a time? Can you suggest any checks when SWO data is going into the JLink SWO pin but data is not displayed in the SWO Viewer?