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  • Hello. Why in some cases, the total CPU Load is more than 100% ? In a project I am working (10 tasks) total CPU Load is 113.33% (97.47% of Idle). The same project but deactivating 5 tasks total CPU Load is 3562419491.95% (which is obviously incorrect) Also I have seen a very big number in one of your examples (FS_DeviceActivity.SVDat) where Main Task has a total CPU Load of 1713307895155.56% I am using SystemView v3.10. Am I forgetting to add something else to my project? Thanks.

  • Hello, I have a segger JLink PRO and every time I tried to connect to a target I got the message for performing a firmware update. I click on Yes, then the update process completes and after firmware update windows closes, the window hangs and become unresponsible (in Jflash). I have also tried to update in JLinkConfig.exe, I select the device, click on update firmware, the process completes OK but the program doesn't respond. The same behavior. In J-Link Commander: Source Code (9 lines) The dev…