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  • Segger any updates?

  • I am trying to do something similar to this post…-SOLVED-EMBuild-D-option/ but I'm not having much luck. What I would like is to have a default version string defined so that a developer can build from the GUI or command line for development. When a release is going to be built then we will use the command line to build but I want to inject a specific version number during the command line build. How can I go about satisfying both requirements? Thanks, Darren

  • Hi, I just downloaded Segger Embedded Studio 4.16 and received a free Nordic License. I can install the license and everything looks fine but it still says Non-Commerical License at the top of the window and every time I build I get the "No commerical-use license detected" window. I'm running macOS Mojave. Thanks.

  • I recently upgraded to the J-Link tools to 6.40 which were bundled with an update from Nordic Semiconductor. When I now start RTT Viewer it always opens to the "Log" window. Previous versions of RTT Viewer have opened directly to the Terminal window. Is there a way to get back the previous functionality? Thanks, Darren

  • [Ozone] Set Vector Table Base

    dbeckwith - - General


    I am giving Ozone a try after recently discovering it on Segger's site. I have been using IAR workbench and with my target I have to set the vector table base to 0x0 using the following command --drv_vector_table_base=0x0. How can I do this in Ozone? Thanks, Darren

  • I have two Segger devices connected to my machine dongle with J-Link embedded and a J-Trace. Currently the embedded unit is #0 and the J-Trace is #1 in the Emulator selection screen. I would like to switch these so the J-Trace is #0. Is there are easy way to do this? Thanks, Darren

  • I recently updated to SystemView 2.38 from 2.36a and I am now getting a hard fault after about an hour of running. The hard fault seems to be occurring in SEGGER_SYSVIEW_OnUserStart_SYS when the RECORD_END macro is called. I can't find an large difference between the two versions. The other interesting detail is while I am running from my IAR debugger I haven't started a SystemView session and I am not recording. Any thoughts? Cheers, Darren

  • Filter On Event ID

    dbeckwith - - SEGGER SystemView related


    Thank you for getting back to me.

  • I have added some new events to the FreeRTOS configuration and I was hoping there is a away to view just them in SystemView but I can't seem to figure out how. Can you filter on an event ID? Thanks, Darren