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  • Enable PC-Sampling in Ozone

    stefan - - General


    Hi, how can I enable the PC-sampling via DWT in Ozone? Under Edit->Trace Settings I can set SWO but now further settings. And in the Code Profile window it says "Instruction trace disabled" Thanks Stefan

  • Thank you! I added the missing resistors and now it works!

  • Hi, I am trying to enable the ETM Tracing with Ozone on a TWR-K65 board. But when starting a debugging session I get the following error: Source Code (36 lines) The JLinkScript I use is attached and my Ozone-COnfigurations looks like this: Source Code (4 lines) Any Ideas whats going wrong here? Thanks!

  • Hi, is there a specification available for the JFlash project settings ini file? (the .jflash-file) I would like to automated some tasks with JFlash via the CLI but I also want to change some project settings therefore. Thank you!

  • It is not possible for me to install a newer Version of JFlash, on my first machine it works fine with the same version V6.10l. This is the J-Flash log: Source Code (12 lines) after executing the following command: "C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLink\V610l\JFlash.exe" -openprjC:\mk22.jflash -openC:\fw.hex -auto -exit The same command works fine on my first machine. The .jflash and .hex file are also existent and like I said it works, wenn running it manually.

  • Hi, I am using JFlash 6.10l on two different Windows 10 machines. On one machine there is no problem, everything works fine. But on the second machine, I cannot use the CLI. Running for example the following command, starts J-Flash, but doesnt exit as expected: "C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLink\V610l\JFlash.exe" -exit Calling "C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLink\V610l\JFlash.exe" -? or "C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLink\V610l\JFlash.exe" -min works also fine Also more complex commands like "C:\Program Files\…