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  • Thank you for attention My code is very complex and big, I made a graphical environment, to customize design, So all code is independent as other and I only call the certain routines. So the code body is fixed in all time. For example this code made a IMAGE, it is simple, only some factor such as WM_CF_SHOW, ... may be important. WM_HWIN CreateImage(tHmiData HmiObject, int ID) { const tImage *rImage; WM_HWIN hwnd; rImage= (tImage *)HmiObject.ObjectParm; hwnd= IMAGE_CreateUser(rImage->WinRect.x0,…

  • Hi. I have two suggestions. It will be usefully, if BUTTON has a separated Text label on Pressed state. Also on MULTIPAGE, it seems, is very important, that each TAB has a separate color. Thank you very much.

  • Hello. When I Put an IMAGE on the MULTIPAGE, it work correctly. Also when the IMAGE on top of a TEXT put on the desktop, it is OK and show correctly. But the IMAGE on top of with some Widgets (such as TEXT or EDITBOX which has no TRANSPARENCY), on a MULTIPAGE, the IMAGE will not display! As Attachments: IMAGE1.PNG shows IMAGE with TEXT (Ideally) IMAGE2.PNG captured with VNC on real target display. Please note me. Thanks and Best regards.

  • Hello Thank you for all. I want to draw a scaled GIF SUB(s) Images with IMAGE widget. I set a Callback of IMAGE, and use GUI_GIF_DrawSubScaled at WM_Paint. but the Transparency of My GIF Animated has loss. void cbAnimation(WM_MESSAGE* pMsg) { const tAnimation *rAnimation; switch (pMsg->MsgId) { case WM_PAINT: GUI_GIF_DrawSubScaled(Image, Size, 0, 0, Frame, 1, 2); break; default: WM_DefaultProc(pMsg); } } hwnd= IMAGE_CreateUser(0, 0, 100, 100, 0, WM_CF_SHOW , IMAGE_CF_MEMDEV, 0, sizeof(void *)); …