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  • Hi, I am using Debian Sid. Is there a way to call the dialogue by hand to see if there is any error message shown? Regards

  • Hi, I just downloaded the J-Link Software and Documentation pack for Linux, DEB installer, 64-bit in version 6.80 and ran JLinkExe. When asked for the device, one can usually enter '?' (without the quotes) to get a selection dialogue. This did not happen here. The connection assistant just continued with the next step and thus the connection failed. ... When I then entered the device by hand, it was able to connect. Source Code (26 lines) Can you reproduce this problem? Regards

  • Hi, we have a J-Link Pro here that we bought a few weeks ago. Today a colleague attached it to his laptop and target and connected successfully with Ozone. Then the colleague went away for 20 minutes and when he came back, his laptop had gone into sleep mode. When he woke it up, the J-Link Pro status LED was flashing quickly but regularily and the LED with the arrow pointing towards the target connector was lit all the time. Conneting to the target was not possible anymore. Unplugging both targe…

  • Hi, a few more observations. It is easiest to trigger the stuck timeline at 10kHz. When reaching around 420 000 samples, it becomes stuck here. If I then set the Sampling Freq to 100Hz, the graph moves again. If I set the Sampling Freq to 500Hz however, the graph starts to move in the wrong direction. The time also counts backwards at that point. Set back to 100Hz the graph moves again but it does not show current values but values from the past. I can drag the graph forward and see more values …

  • Hi, if I create a new project for STM32F412CE , Bank0 and Bank1 are enabled. Is this expected? If so, everything works fine. Best regards

  • Hi, thanks for the hint and sorry for the delay .. busy times. In the Project Settings dialog I can see: - Bank0: Base Addr 08000000 - Bank1: Base Addr 90000000 If I understand it correctly, Bank1 is only an interface to an optional external flash? If so, we do not have it. Is this enabled in J-Flash by default and the user has to disable it according to his needs? With Bank1 disabled (the checkbox at the lower end of the settings page), erasing the chip finishes successfully. Best regards

  • Hi, I just observed that after around 420 000 samples the Timeline view and the status bar (when Data Sampling or Timeline are selected) become rather slow and even stuck. The Data Sampling view is showing data just normal. I am running at a sampling frequenzy of 10kHz just for provoking this behaviour and have 15 expressions in the Data Sampling table, some of which are updated quite often (probably close to the 10kHz). Seems the Timeline feature is at its limits here and maybe this leads to th…

  • Hi Nino, there is a watchdog but it did not hit. And we do not use any low-power modes. it does not happen regularly enough to answer if it happens around the same sampling number. I will check next time. The Data Limit configured is 16000 Best regards

  • Hi, when I am running a debugging session and the Ozone window loses focus, everything is still updated (data sampling, watched data) but the status bar is not. I am speaking about the sampling data on the right which appears when the Data Sampling view is selected. Best regards

  • Hi Nino, in my example it happens with uint16_t in C (stating ushort in the Type column in Ozone). I can also see it for int16_t (short). As shown on the screenshot, it does not happen with double. If I can observe something more, I will add it here. Best regards

  • Hi, I think I understand how snapshots are supposed to work now. Powerful tool. However, that's not what we would need. We would like to be able to fetch diagnostics data with a computer sitting in production and then let the analysis happen on another computer in the office. The latter is not connected to a debug probe and has no access to the target hardware. And if I get it right, that's not possible with Ozone snapshots? I know, it must feel likt we are trying to drive in a nail with a CNC m…

  • Hi, Ozone 3.10d here. In the Data Sampling view the numbers formatting is inconsistent. The small gap for thousands is there for some columns but e.g for the Average column, it is missing. The Changes column is weird as well. See screen shot. Best regards

  • Hi, Ozone 3.10d here. when a debugging session with Data Sampling lasts a bit longer, the "# Changes" counter overruns and starts counting negative numbers towards 0. The reason is that the Changes field seems to have the same data type as the watched data itself. So for "short" it only counts up to 32k and then jumps to -32k. Best regards

  • Hi, now using 3.10d I just had this happeing to me right in the middle of a debugging session. No lost connection, no Windows hibernate. Ozone just stopped sampling data and now I can neither stop debugging nor quit the application. There is no output on the Console when it stops sampling. I'll add a screen shot of the status bar, maybe it's helpful. Best regards

  • Hi, if I understand snapshots correctly, they cannot store a time span from the timeline view. What I need is certain data from a machine while it runs for several minutes. We then look at that data to check it for unusual spikes or weird behaviour in general. For that we need the complete timeline. Best regards

  • Hi, thanks for your suggestion. EDIT: Sorry, this seems to be an unrelated issue. I will update this post once I have new information. EDIT2: I just tried it again and the error is still as shown below. erase failes here after issuing that command. Here is the output. Quote: “SEGGER J-Link Commander V6.62 (Compiled Jan 24 2020 16:32:43) DLL version V6.62, compiled Jan 24 2020 16:32:09 Connecting to J-Link via USB...O.K. Firmware: J-Link Pro V4 compiled Jan 7 2020 16:52:59 Hardware version: V4.00…

  • Hi, I have been logging some data values for a machine over a period of time. Then I exported the Data Graphs with File -> Export -> Data Graphs... and wanted to open them on another computer. Since I could not find an option for that in Ozone, I tried doing it in LibreOffice Calc. It took several hours to load the graphs. Is there a way to load those graphs in Ozone on that other computer? Best regards

  • Hi Nino, bummer that there is no way to give a default value to variables added there. Would save me a few clicks. But well, I just wanted to make sure I am not overlooking some option somewhere. Thanks for the clarification. Kind regards

  • Hi Nino, no inconvenience taken. Glad you could reproduce this. Kind regards

  • Hi Nino, thanks for your reply. What you describe acts on the Data Sampling and the Timeline views. What I mean is the Watched Data view. Variables entered there have a default refresh rate of Off which needs intervention for every singe variable added to see its value updated. ... Maybe there is a reason for doing it this way? Kind regards