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  • Disbale Windows Manager

    SEGGER - Florian - - emWin related


    Hi, you can activate/deactivate the Window Manager using WM_Activate() and WM_Deactivate(). However, this is not a very elegant solution. It would be best to do the calibration in a separate window that has the size of the screen. In the attachments you find a modified version of the sample that uses the Window Manager. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, the item spacing you set is not considered because of the WIDGET_ITEM_GET_YSIZE case in the owner draw function. With your method you overwrite the y-size of an item, but without adding the item spacing. When removing the WIDGET_ITEM_GET_XSIZE and WIDGET_ITEM_GET_YSIZE cases, the spacing seems correct. LISTBOX_IncSel() increments the selection by one. You would have to increment the selection by 6 in one go so that the widget would scroll by one element. You can do that using LISTBOX_SetSel(…

  • Hi, do you mean updating the scroll position of the Listbox/-view by buttons? That can be done the same way as in the sample I sent you for the MULTIEDIT. You can find that sample in the wiki now, by the way. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, you can do that by setting an owner draw function to the widget and doing the drawing yourself. Have a look at this sample. Unfortunately, there is no WIDGET_ITEM_DRAW_BACKGROUND command, only a WIDGET_ITEM_DRAW command, which means you have to draw each item completely (background, text, ...). When drawing the item in the WIDGET_ITEM_DRAW case, you can set the background color based on the current item index. The current item index is stored in pDrawItemInfo->ItemIndex. Best regards, Floria…

  • Hi, there are a few things to obey when displaying non-ASCII characters. 1. You have to enable UTF-8 support by calling GUI_UC_SetEncodeUTF8(). 2. The character you want to display must be in the font you are using. 3. The characters in the string must be UTF-8 encoded. You can use this tool to encode the string. Note that the character \x232b exceeds the size of an 8-bit char. The character encoded in UTF-8 you have to use is: \xe2\x8c\xab. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, WM_TOUCH_CHILD messages are sent to the parent window, if a child window has received touch input. WM_NOTIFY_PARENT messages are also sent from the child window to the parent. I tested this and after I changed the LISTBOX's selection, the parent window received three WM_NOTIFY_PARENT messages (for WM_NOTIFICATION_CLICKED, WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED and WM_NOTIFICATION_SEL_CHANGED). You can find the sample I used for testing here. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, please note that the AppWizard tool is only part of the emWin PRO shipment and not of the SEGGER evaluation software. Basic steps such as adding different screens to an application are explained in the accompanying documents like the manual or quick start guide. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, you can send data between windows with user data. The Wiki has a tutorial on this topic. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, currently there is no GRAPH_DATA routine to update the array. You have to clear the old data handle, create a new one and attach it. C Source Code (5 lines) Also, to actually fill the array with values, you have to index the array. Like this: C Source Code (1 line)Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, we were able to reproduce the error and are currently looking into the issue. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, as mentioned in your other thread, this is a forum section dedicated to emWin. Please use the emFile forum for threads regarding emFile. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, please note that this forum section is dedicated only to emWin. I know that the emFile forum is not as active, but we cannot give you adequate support for emFile either. I'll move the thread accordingly. In the future, please only use the emFile forum for threads regarding emFile. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, Quote from marc345: “I don't want to just draw 4 horizontally alligned rectangles as in the example ” the sample you are describing sounds more like the WM_MOTION_MoveWindows sample to me, rather than the WM_MOTION_MoveContent sample? Anyways, I'll try to bring some clarity to your issue. I'll refer to the WM_MOTION_MoveContent example from now on, since this is closest to what you're trying to achieve. Quote from marc345: “I set the creation flags WM_CF_MOTION_Y (i want to move in y directi…

  • Hi, you can add custom characters to a font. There are many unicode areas that are unassigned (e.g. 0x700-0x8FF), so you can freely add any custom characters to these areas. The best way would probably to do this in a dedicated font editor program, but it is possible using the Font Converter. You can manipulate the character bitmap using the Font Converter by inserting/deleting rows/column using the buttons above and by right-clicking the pixels to set a shade of gray. The manual provides more d…

  • sawtooth issue

    SEGGER - Florian - - emWin related


    Hi, this is probably a cache problem. The attached LCDConf.c should fix your problem. The relevant function calls that clear the cache are SCB_CleanInvalidateDCache() and GUI_DCACHE_SetClearCacheHook(_ClearCache). Also, note that WM_MULTIBUF_Enable() only enables automatic multi-buffering when using the Window Manager. For 2D graphic operations (such as drawing circles etc.) GUI_MULTIBUF_Begin() and GUI_MULTIBUF_End() have to be used to switch between the buffers. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, the manual describes how gesture support can be implemented for windows under MultiTouch support -> Window animation. I have also attached a sample for you that demonstrates this. You should take a look at the _cbGestures() callback. When multi-touch and gesture support is enabled and a window has the WM_CF_GESTURE and WM_CF_ZOOM flags, it will receive WM_GESTURE messages. The message can be processed to react on the different gestures. Best regards, Florian

  • Image distortion

    SEGGER - Florian - - emWin related


    Hi, GUI_SUPPORT_MEMDEV simply tells the compiler if code for memory devices should be included. But since you are using a precompiled library, that define has no influence on whether or not memory devices are included by the compiler. Anyhow, the distorted graphics are most likely caused by an incorrect emWin configuration, instead of memory devices. Unfortunately, there is no ready-to-use LCDConf.c I can send to you. But instead, could you send me the following files from your project: - GUICon…

  • Hi, you have to save the KNOB handle in your "handle" variable, not a memory device handle. You should use the KNOB handle for any KNOB-prefixed routines and the memory device handle for MEMDEV routines. Regarding line 9: When you are done drawing in a memory device, you should de-select it using GUI_MEMDEV_Select(0). When you are using the correct handles, no exception should occur. By the way: while the KNOB is in use, you should not delete the memory device. You should instead delete it when …

  • Hi, when a child window is redrawn, the parent window is also redrawn. But generally only the necessary area is redrawn. Though, drawing operations, e.g. a circle, cannot be partially redrawn, they can only be drawn completely. You can check the area by looking at the GUI_RECT pointer in pMsg->Data.p sent with every WM_PAINT message. For example, if there is a bitmap in the background parent window, only the area affected from redrawing the button is redrawn. This is necessary because colors hav…

  • Hi, in the example I used a BUTTON widget instead of an EDIT for better visual feedback on clicks. The mechanic is exactly the same with the EDIT widget or any other widget that receives clicks. Best regards, Florian