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  • Hi Sven, Thank you for the response. It was very helpful and in pursuing the problem I identified a problem with a part of the driver for the screen. Specifically, a missed implementation in the 1BPP bitmap write implementation in GUIDRV_Template. Sorry about the confusion. Kind regards, Mathew

  • Hi Sven, It was not created using the GUI builder. I have tried several things to get it to show to no avail. I have also noticed the following calls are not having an effect on what is rendered: FRAMEWIN_SetDefaultBarColor(0, GUI_RED); FRAMEWIN_SetDefaultBarColor(1, GUI_RED); Similarly, FRAMEWIN_SetDefaultClientColor does not seem to affect the rendering either. I am currently trying to determine why that might be. It seems that I get the default no matter what the settings of the other items. …

  • I have a dialog that unless I activate memdev, along with other widgets, text rendering fails to draw anything. I am trying to set the TextColor to GUI_WHITE but it does not render at all. If I invoke WM_EnableMemdev during the WM_INIT_DIALOG on several of the widgets then then it works. This also applies to other windows that I am using. Thanks, Mathew

  • I have an ICONVIEW and a BUTTON being hosted on a WINDOW. When I click on an ICON, I receive multiple messages with WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED. I am using the ICONVIEW as a navigation item, and it causes my navigation to be unreliable. Any suggestions for why this might be happening? I believe that I implemented my touch screen properly. Thanks, Mathew Grabau

  • I have a dialog exec-ing another dialog that is not receiving any WM_NOTIFY_PARENT events. I do see WM_TOUCH_CHILD events though. The other thing that I am noticing is that the editor is very slow to start. Is it related to having both of dialogs functioning as modal dialogs?

  • Thank you Sven! I will review the code that you have attached. Edit: I cannot see the attachment, am I missing something? Cheers, Mathew

  • Good Afternoon, I am attempting to use the ICONVIEW_AddStreamedBitmapItem API to add a bitmap from external memory (a SPI-Flash). I am just wondering if there is a way to accomplish this in a way that will just call to a GUI_GET_DATA_FUNC callback. Is this capability available? I'm assuming that it would be something that GUI_BMP_DrawScaledEx? Is this possible/a valid usage of the function? Thank you, Mathew