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  • Ok I added couple additions and function calls to trigger variables evaluation, but still getting weird results Still cant find any logic in the math returned - tomorrow with fresh mind will look it again One thing only is sure - the Locals Window in debug mode is useless I havent change any settings from what are defaults - tomorrow will search where is the optimization setting and will see if I can switch it off completely…f1ca720e5d994a90904e6b7d3forum.segger…

  • Thank you for the replies, but even if we forget watch windows - just look on the first snapshot I posted: There are couple uint16_t initialized before the breakpoint @150-153: lenXX, lenX, lenY, len As you can see on the right side the variables that were initialized with the value of a strlen function are even not shown in the list of the Local variables, also the variables that were initialized with 77 and 14 (decimals ), after pass through lines 151-152 with strlen() assignments, now at the …

  • I tried either way - in code when reach and pass the strlen operator and the code dies (I forgot already, but I think dies without any warning). That is why I start trace it

  • Cant use strlen(stringxx) - always give error too many arguments doesn't matter if I supply singe parameter as constant string or pointer to string Any suggestion (if it is not a bug)?………f1ca720e5d994a90904e6b7d3