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  • Multiple Buffering

    bio_med - - emWin related


    Hi, Can someone tell me if Multiple buffering is included in GUI_DRVControl driver? What are all the drivers that have multiple buffering as a part of it? Appreciate any help! Best regards, BMD

  • Hi, So, I have been using emWin and learning a lot about it. But I came across something which I don't understand. Can someone please help me with this? 1. I display text using GUI_DispStringAt() and I can see it. 2. Clear the text and display a window with buttons and textbox. 3. Clear the window and trying to display text using GUI_DispString() and I don't see anything on the screen. Has anyone come across this issue? Am I doing something wrong here? Note: When I tried to use a text box to dis…

  • Florian, I am sorry I missed a file and images for SD card. Please see attached. Could you please give it a try now? Note: The reason I am not doing a 'stand-alone' file is we have certain code standards to follow and I wanted things to work when I have each function in it's own file. Best regards, BMD

  • Florian, Did you get a chance to check out my files? Did you find anything unusual in the code? Were you able to see similar results as mine or did it work okay for you? Appreciate all the help! Best regards, BMD

  • Florian, I have attached zip file which has all the screens and main file. Let me know if that works for you. Best regards, BMD

  • C Source Code (145 lines)Is there someone here who came across the same problem? I just want to know if this problem makes sense or its something I am doing that causes it? I have attached a screen that I am currently working on as a reference. I have three similar screens and while trying to navigate between each one, I see this problem. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with this regard. Best regards, BMD

  • button color change

    bio_med - - emWin related


    Florian, I think I have the same problem. What we are trying to ask is "What is the API that let's us change the color of a button???" Best regards, BMD

  • Florian/ Sven, Could you please help me understand this behavior. Best regards, BMD

  • Sridhar, Thank you for your response but I am facing problems with only WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED. Touchscreen seems to be working fine. I don't see any touch screen sense or anything as such. Best regards, BMD

  • Hi, I am working on building different screens for my project. Everything works fine for sometime after which I can only see buttons being pressed but there is no response to that touch whatsoever. I am calling GUI_TOUCH_Exec() in an ISR every 10ms. I am using no OS and resistive touchscreen. Has anyone here come across this issue before? I would greatly appreciate any help with this regard. Best regards, BMD

  • Thank you so much, Florian That really helped.

  • Hi Florian, Thank you for the quick response. I am unable to see what's in the file you attached. It's a different extension I have never seen before. Could you please check and send it again. Best Regards, BMD

  • HI, I am working on Multiple windows and have problems being able to get it to function correctly. I hope someone here can guide me. 1. I have two windows currently. 2. Window 1- Parent window with a settings button. 3. Pressing the settings button opens up child window. 4. Window 2- Child window consists of three buttons. Question: I am pressing the button in child window, I don't understand how to control this? where will the control be passed to? Parent window? or the WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED…

  • I finally figured it out. The problem was I wasn't allocating enough memory. Solution: 1. Increased the memory allocation in GUIConf.c - #define GUI_NUMBYTES 0x4000 ( i increased it from 2000 to 4000). 2. Increased the buffer size in Getdata function. Best regards, BMD

  • Okay, so I just found out that images of larger sizes are the problem. I am compressing the images before i convert them using bitmap converter but no matter how small the image size is before conversion to .bmp/.dta, at the end of conversion the sizes of images are more than 200kB. Is there a way to convert images to lower size using bitmap converter? Regards, BMD

  • Florian/Sven, Could you please help me understand this behavior? I tried different things but nothing seems to work. I am trying to display 320x240 Image from SD card on the 320x240 LCD and I can see Image only when the x value is <= 170 and y = 240. Any value above 170 shows blank screen. I have been using the same code to display images on buttons and it works well but those are very small images. If you could please check/ help me understand where I could be going wrong, that would really hel…

  • Thank you for trying to help me with this. I am using Cypress Semiconductor processor PSoC5 LP and emwin for graphics. Yes I have 8MB of buffer memory.

  • Hi, I am working on displaying images from external memory. I am having problems displaying the complete picture. I can display image up until 170*240, after which when I try to expand x value I see white background and nothing else on the LCD. Please see the below code and image attached with this thread. Could someone tell me what I could be doing wrong? P.S: I have tried displaying images on buttons using the same functions and it works. C Source Code (229 lines)Thanks and regards, BMD

  • ICONVIEW and External memory nOS

    bio_med - - emWin related


    Florian/Sven, Could you please help me understand how to display different images assigned to different icons from external memory?? So far, I can only see same image on all the icons. I couldn't find anything on the forum regarding this as well. Any hint will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and regards, BMD

  • ICONVIEW and External memory nOS

    bio_med - - emWin related


    Hi, I was able to make the modifications but I am not able to set the index to display different icons. Could you please see the code and tell me how to do that so I am able to display all the Icons as required? C Source Code (276 lines)Appreciate all the help! Thanks and regards, BMD