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  • Ubuntu 19.10 SystemView 3.10, (deb x64) The program starts, I try to connect - a connection dialog box appears, then a warning about J-Link EDU appears. And nothing else happens - no connection, no error messages. Target sources updated to 3.10 If I roll back to version 2.52d (systemview deb package only), everything works again.

  • I did a small test: I download the ubuntu 19.10 ISO image and launched it in a virtual machine in live mode (without installation). No system update, just install two lib* packets for jlink .deb package dependencies. Install JLink 6.60a. (deb, x64). The lines look the same as mine, in the installed system - the numbers at the end of the line are black on black.

  • Oh sure. For the test, I made a simple project on a nucleo H743. Built-in ST-Link converted to J-Link. Without problems, it is displayed in Ozone (ubuntu) and JLinkRTTViewer (win10), but part of the text in JLinkRTTViewer (ubuntu 19.10) missing.

  • I updated the version to 6.60a, but the problem remained. I have had this problem for a long time, with different versions of the Jlink. I also use Ozone in Ubuntu, there are no problems with RTT text. Maybe I can provide you some more information about the system or libraries used?

  • Hi. I am using the JLinkRTTViewer in Ubuntu 19.10. Part of the text in messages is displayed in black on a black background. If double-click on this text, you can see that it is there (the text is highlighted in blue on the picture) At the same time, if I use a virtual machine with windows 10, then everything is displayed without problems. The same firmware, the same J-Link. I attach screenshots of the JLinkRTTViewer from Ubuntu, and from Windows (here you can see that the lines end with numbers…