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  • Quote: “ I am not sure about how you use the emWin fontconverter. Do you use emWin itself to display your text on ” emWin itself is not used in the project. The Character-Info ist put together 'manually' by self written code to display texts that are input online via a bus-interface. Using emwin was/is not an Option for this project. We have a Software that works in general, but we have additional requirements regarding graphical Text representation on the sccreen. For that reason we need to und…

  • Hi, we use the emwin fontconverter (V3.10d) as a standalone tool to convert fonts :-). Our problem is to interpret the data contained in the 'CharInfo' -table The (proportional) font is converted as 4bpp antialiased (using internal) Example: Source Code (7 lines) --> What is the meaning of the leading 3 numbers ? --> Does the table contain information about the 'proportionality' of the font like spacing, leading/trailing (unused) pixel colums ?