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  • I replaced all my ICONVIEW buttons by BUTTON widgets. This solved the transparency problem and saved more than 50 % of code lines as Florian wrote. The buttons are created with WM_CF_HASTRANS flag: Source Code (1 line)A callback for each button draws the image. WM_INIT_DIALOG: Source Code (3 lines)Callback: Source Code (13 lines)The bitmaps I converted with the Bitmap Converter Tool of emWin with transparent background: C Source Code (113 lines)I just wanted to share this for others making the s…

  • Thank you, Florian. Using your example I realized that in selected state the background of an icon cannot be transparent. It becomes black in your example if I enter ICONVIEW_SetBkColor(hItem, ICONVIEW_CI_SEL, GUI_TRANSPARENT);. This is most likely the reason why I can never get it transparent because my ICONVIEW includes only one icon which is automatically always selected. Or, is there a way to unselect all icons? May be using ICONVIEW is the wrong approach for having one graphical button with…

  • Thank you. "Note that you can't OR-combine indexes such as ICONVIEW_CI_BK etc. which means you have to set the color for each index individually." This was definitely one of my errors. I changed the create flag accordingly: { ICONVIEW_CreateIndirect, "", ID_ICONVIEW_RES, 755, 165, 45, 40, WM_CF_HASTRANS, 0x0028002D, 0 }, /*reset button*/ and call: ICONVIEW_SetBkColor(hItem, ICONVIEW_CI_BK, GUI_TRANSPARENT); Now the background area became red. What else can be wrong here? Update: With or without …

  • Hi, I'm using some ICONVIEW widgets as buttons. Is there a way to make their background transparent so that the objects behind them are visible in the parts marked as transparent? I create the ICONVIEW in a resource table: { ICONVIEW_CreateIndirect, "", ID_ICONVIEW_RES, 755, 165, 45, 40, 0, 0x0028002D, 0 }, /*reset button*/ My init dialog looks like this: Source Code (7 lines)I can give the background any color using ICONVIEW_SetBkColor but it never gets transparent. With the color code GUI_TRAN…

  • Thank you, Florian. Setting a global flag was also my workaround. Maybe some blocking feature for notifications would be an idea for future improvements. For me it was disturbing that I always got a beep tone, which I trigger by the notification, after SetSel but I wanted this tone only at manual inputs. Regards Jan

  • Hello, I have some dropdown menus which I fill with the last settings using DROPDOWN_SetSel in WM_INIT_DIALOG. After this a WM_NOTIFICATION_SEL_CHANGED is triggered. Is it possible to avoid this and notify only changes by touch inputs? Regards Jan

  • Hello, can no one help me in this case? It is confusing for the operator if one moves the scollbar and nothing happens. Regards Jan

  • Hi Florian, it does always send a WM_NOTIFY_PARENT, but it is often only a WM_NOTIFICATION_VALUE_CHANGED and not a WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED. Regards Jan

  • Hi, I'm using a scrollbar to navigate in a larger text file. To avoid excessive CPU load when moving the thumb I want to notify only when the thumb is released (WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED). Now I noticed that sometimes the thumb is moved but no notification issued. Isn't it a precondition that the widget has to be clicked to change its value and then is released? Regards Jan

  • SLIDER with invisible frame

    JanBurg - - emWin related


    Thank you Florian, that works fine. Regards Jan

  • SLIDER with invisible frame

    JanBurg - - emWin related


    Hi, is it possible to make the frame and the line of a SLIDER completely invisible so that only the knob remains? Best regrads Jan

  • Thank you for your quick answer, Florian. My loop is not empty, a lot of calculations are done there which must not be delayed. And wouldn't GUI_Exec do the same as GUI_Delay? Can there be a hardware fault at all when not refreshing emWin? Regards Jan

  • Hi, I'm using emWin with an STM32F7. I noticed that the system crashes with a hard fault when the program executes a longer loop. Is there anything I have to do to keep emWin alive? Until now I have called GUI_Exec() in some loops but it doesn't help in this case. Regards Jan

  • Hi Florian, thank you for your support. I noticed that GUI_DrawGraph, which draws a polyline, is not the right function for drawing a set of spectral lines starting all at the X axis. I was able to get the desired result drawing each of the 750 vertical lines using GUI_DrawVLine. This happens in a user draw function and takes less than 1 second. Regards Jan

  • Hi Florian, this would be not enough in my case. I want to update my FFT at least once in a second. My display can show 750 frequency lines. That means I have to do 750 times GRAPH_DATA_YT_AddValue, correct? And this seems to be impossible within one second. I was hoping that GRAPH_DATA_YT_Create would allow the transfer of data arrays. What is the 'pData' parameter good for? In the manual it says "Pointer to data to be added to the object. The pointer should point to an array of I16 values". Th…

  • Hello, I am using a GRAPH to display an FFT spectrum. So all Y/T values in the diagram need to be updated at least once in a second. The common method calling GRAPH_DATA_YT_AddValue in a loop for each horizontal pixel is too slow for updating the diagram within one second. Can I call the GRAPH_DATA_YT_Create function in a loop with my array of values as pData parameter to increase speed? Regards Jan

  • Remark to the GRAPH with child widgets: I noticed that before I can close the dialog window with GUI_EndDialog(pMsg->hWin, 0), I have to delete the GRAPH using WM_DeleteWindow(hGraph). If I don't delete the GRAPH before ending the dialog I get a hardware fault from my debugger.

  • Hi Florian, thank you. It works. Jan

  • There is still one problem remaining. I use GRAPH with a horizontal scrollbar (added with GRAPH_SetAutoScrollbar). Touching the scrollbar causes a WM_NOTIFY_PARENT event. Is the scrollbar a child of the GRAPH? What is its ID? I have to distinguish scrollbar events from my buttons since scrollbar notifications should not go the parent window but to the GRAPH default callback. Else scrolling wouldn't work.

  • I think I found the answer myself. I added WM_SetCallback(hGraph, _cbGraph) to WM_INIT_DIALOG of my main window. This redirects messages from all child widgets of GRAPH to the callback routine _cbGraph which again sends them to my main window.